Black People : Divnity-Divine Polygamy

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    NOTE: Beloved Ones:

    We are in no way recruiting others for Divine Polygamy/Polygamy:

    Proverbs: If you understand the beginning well, the end will not trouble you. Ashanti

    Afrikan proverb: Talking with one another is loving one another. Kenya.

    Talking with one another in a Divine way is loving one another (IsIs/Auset)

    First let us be clear on what is Divinity.
    by Chief Elder Osiris

    Divinity is a way of life that does not contradict the Laws of the Universe, so in order to become Divine your Life must be one based on Truth and that which is conceivable Real, meaning that such a Reality is Mentally seen and can only be touched with your Mental conscious and such performance come from living a life in Harmony, Order and Balance,
    such define and reveal your Divinity.

    Now, Divine polygamy is no more than being in keeping with the action of Nature and Nature is the whole of those bodies that constitute the Universe, be they animate or inanimate.

    So since this Earth is a part of the Nature of the Universe and we that reside on this earth is a part of the earthly Universal Nature and the Earthly Nature consist of the action of all of the Plants and Animals of all types, insects as well as those that fly and is of the sea and we Beings that which walk up-right, using our intelligence uniquely from all other members of Earth Nature, yet does not exceed the intelligence of Nature Universe and Earth, such reality place upon us Beings of Divinity, to act and live our life in accordance to the action and behavior of the Universe, whereby the origin of our Divinity flow from, which require us to remain in keeping with the Rule Of Law of the Universal Nature of things, which happen to be
    Harmony, Order and Balance.

    So, Divine Polygamy is a relationship between the Gender sex opposites, that which maintain a Natural action of Harmony, Order and Balance in submission to the action of Earth Nature, so since Earth Nature produce more Feminine Genders than Masculine, and to remain in Divine compliance with the Rule of Law of the Universe , we are so endowed to honor the Universal Law, which require Harmony, Order and Balance.

    Therefore, polygamous relationship, signifies a Divine compliance with Nature Action, by maintaining Harmony, Order and Balance, which require that Nature action of production, which produce more Female than Male, must not serve to be an imbalance by our action, but must serve to be a Balance, bringing the ratio of Feminine and Masculine genders into Harmony and order, as for as Female-male relationship is concerned , such is referred to as Divine Polygamy.

    Here is loving you.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!
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