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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Before I begin, allow me to share this with you by saying, when you have been selected to become a Master Teacher of the Divine Truth, we do not have the luxury of attempting to please everybody when sharing the Divine Truth, because if that become a concern of ours, then it become the evidence that you are not the One Selected By Our Divine Ancient first way Ancestors To Share and Teach The Divine Truth, because you see, when those who make claim to be of the Divine Information revealed to you to share with the Black World and we make an attempt to do so without offending anybody, then that is the sign that a false Reveler is among you.

    You see Beloved, The Divine Truth does in fact offend the religious believers, they who are dead set in their religious belief, so the Divine Master Teacher is not capable of offending, it is the Divine Truth that is being shared, that is coming to separate the believers from the knowers of the Divine truth.

    There is somebody upon this Planet that has the Ultimate Divine Truth, otherwise why bother to share with the Black world.

    When the Domain is this Planet Earth and our Divine Ancestors have brought the Divine Truth to this Planet, and they now share with those that are selected to share that which they reveal to the Messenger, to whom the Divine Truth is being Revealed, and the Divine Truth is the Ultimate Truth to be shared in this Life, with the Black World, it become blasphemy to indicate that no one on this Planet is in possession of the Ultimate Truth about the Cause and Effect that happen to the Black World and to imply that there is no ultimate Divine Truth known by members of the Black World that is capable of reorganizing our Black Life on this Planet, that is like saying that there is no solution to the Problems that affect the Black World AND KEEP US from Knowing the Divine Truth about GOD, Universe, and our Black Life.

    All that we say, do, and learn, is only about this Life and none else, there is no one that has come back from the Dead, that is Black, and has told us what goes on after this Life, such is only speculation without the Divine Truth, so all that we do and say has to be about the Happening in this Life which we are experiencing, and in this Life, there most certainly is a Ultimate Divine Truth, and yes, there are those among us that have been selected to share not a Bastard Truth, not Profane Lies and Deception concerning the Black Life, but to share the Ultimate Truth, which is Divine.

    In The Universe there is the Law of Opposite, the verification of the Duality that encompass the Universe, and is it not a fact that we all are a part of the Universe and should master the Knowledge of the Law of not Man, but the Universe, and in doing so the Universe teach us that there are only Two type of Behavior, one is Divine and the other is Profane, no in between, because the in between is the most despicable of all, because it is the weakest position to take in a Dispute, we call it a Neutral position, when the saying has already been established that verify that you must be either Hot or Cold in your acknowledgment of the Divine Truth, such is in keeping with the Universe Law of Duality, and to make claim to be Luke Warm in the presence of receiving the Divine Truth, only verify the hypocrite which such a position reveal of the individual claiming such a None position.

    In Life, Things are either Divine or Profane, no if and or about it, because that is the way the Universe is organized and the organizer is the Divine Essence that cause the Universe to be Revealed to you in the fashion that it is, in a motion of Coming and Going and Going and Coming, maintaining the Duality of action, which the GOD Energy Intelligence maintain the Universe Law of opposite.

    In Divinity, there is no cohabitation with Religion, one is the opposite to the other, verifying as we call it, a Right and Wrong Way in Life Pursuits.

    Divinity is all about Life Living in Harmony, Order, and Balance, staying in compliance to the Law of the Universe, the Divine Example of how we are to Live in this Life, giving off the viberating Harmonics that bring Power and Stability to the Motion of Life, as so revealed by the Ultimate Divine Truth, which is the Divine Essence enclosed within the Infinity of the Perfect Night, causing all to be ONE and the Same Power of Energy Intelligence.

    So Divinity does not make acquaintance with Religion, its Opposite, One is in Divine Motion and the other is Profanely in its Motion, Divinity always verifying that there is an ultimate Truth we Must be in possession of, while the other, Religion, is always stressing the Lies and Deception pertaining to Life in relation to GOD, Universe, and The Black Self.

    Divinity walk the Path of the Whole Truth and nothing But The Truth, that is what cause Truth to be Divine, yet Religion walk a straight path that lead from one end of Lies to the other End of Deception, only the Divine Truth Move in an unending Path of Divine Truth, making no acquaintance with Religion, Divinity Move in orbit within the Vast Eternal Infinite Universe, Religion Move in a Straight line, revealing a False Light of Lies and Deception and there are Myriads of acts of Lies and Deception, but in Divinity, there is only One Ultimate Truth.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking About You

    Chief Elder
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