Black Spirituality Religion : Divinity-No Motive/Agenda

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    We are not to acknowledge Divinity as if it is a Human Being, Divinity is a way of Life Living, and it carry no motive nor does it has an agenda as religion does.

    Divinity is an expression that reveal its presence in the way we act and behave and no more, it must be us with the motive and the agenda concerning Divinity and such must be to Live our Life in Harmony, Order, and Balance, the reward from living a Divine Life is unmeasurable and our motivation to live such a life is not to please God, not to please the Ancestors, but to please you, whose life is Divine.
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    “...the Divine needs no childish cheerleaders, inane spokespeople, or simpleminded defenders of the faith.”
    --- Acharya S

    Divine knowing vice faith.

    Those who conquer the enemy within have nothing to fear from the enemy without. - Yoruba proverb

    The Divine Truth does not reveal what we (WANT) to hear. Divine Truth reveals what we NEED hear. Auset/Osiris/Common Sense