Black People : Divine Truth, Justice, Freedom Is Uncompromising

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    Divine Truth, Justice, Freedom Is Uncompromising

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Divine Truth, Justice, Freedom, these three valuable principles are not to be compromised to serve the wants of a people whose Life is in pursuit of them, and all who attempt to do so, serve as an enemy to the people in pursuit of those three principles so that their Life can be at peace and full of Joy on this planet referred to as Earth.

    The target of concern here is Black people, regarding the principles stated here, those that are of great value to the Black Life way of living and I dare say that all Black People have a Divine Right to know the Divine Truth, to be treated Justly, and to be free to live a life of Peace and Joy, such is the object in Life.

    Now, there are those on this Planet Earth that have taken it upon themselves to determine who it is that will enjoy the Jewels of Life, they being Peace and Joy,which only come from knowing the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and our Life self, and it is that Truth that breed Justice and Freedom for the Life that reside within the circle of the Divine Truth concerning the Essence of Life and Death, the Eternal Infinite Energy that give cause for all things to be, that are animated and not animated.

    All Black people have the Divine Right to know the Divine Truth and even though amongst Black people there are some of us that make claim to be well educated, more so than others of us Black people, yet is absent of the learning that qualify you to know and understand what you should be educated about, which is how Wisdom rise to take place in your Life action, such that is based on decision making for the Life of you, Black People.

    So, here we are, Black and hating it, such be the attitude and behavior of some Black People toward ourselves, so we set out to change such a reality about our Black selves, by not acknowledging the Divine Truth about those that occupy this Planet Earth, a variant of living specie that we are on the Anthropomorphous Level of being what we are, which are Beings with the ability to express Intelligence differences from other Living Specie of a different phenotype within a kingdom of life living, creatures of a different nature of life living and expression, from those that are of an Anthropomorphous Nature of life living.

    The Divine Truth concerning Black people is that something happen to us that caused us to be in our present condition of our Life Living today and it was a happening that was not caused by the universal elements of Nature, but by Elements of which Nature has formed and has done so according to its own Kind, revealing a different phenotype of the Anthropomorphous Root, produced by the Elemental Essence of all things, which has been identified as different phenotypical Races, with the primary of those Races being described as Black, White, ( Caucasian ) and Yellow. ( Mongoloid ), the Three Basic Stock of the Anthropomorphous Being, from which arrive the secondary from the primary Anthropomorphous Root, whose branches differ in term of the nature of the phenotype, attitude, and behavioral expression, in and toward other Life form.

    Thus we have Beings of the Anthropomorphous Nature with a different phenotype, those that express a attitude and behavior toward all things differently and among the kingdom of the Anthropomorphous Beings, you have that which has come among us Black people, a Nature of a Being that has expressed an attitude and behavior toward us Black Divine Beings that have served to be detrimental to the sacred Harmony and Order that is well Balance, our Divine Nature, a Divine expression of the attitude and behavior of Black People and such provide to Black people an attitude and behavior that is comparable to the attitude and behavior of the Divine Universe action.

    So, what do we have here today, in the way of the Black Life, that which has been mistreated by the other phylum of the Anthropomorphous Branches, the Race of Caucasian and the substratum, Arabs and Jews, those that also displayed a descriptive attitude and behavior of Race superiority, expressed toward Black People, Divine Beings we are, the substratum Races being a mixture of the Three basic Anthropomorphous Stock.

    The Caucasian, Arab, Jew , they who have developed a reputation of abusing, lying and deceiving Black people, to the extent that Black people no longer know of their Divine Order, of which we fit in the Nature of the Anthropomorphous Beings and the substratum Races pattern their attitude and behavior of expression toward Black People identical to that of the Caucasian, thus you have the axis of Racism and Unjustified expression of evil toward Black People, which have been the cause for Black People lost of Divinity and still now suffer under the abuse and in captivity, of the Axis of Racism ( Caucasian,Arab, Jews ) toward Black People.

    Now we have the New Black Human being, they who have evolved to take on the Mind of their oppressors, doing the will of their oppressors, which is to serve as the internal Liars and Deceivers of Black People, by gaining their respect and Trust posing as their Leaders of concern for our Black Life and such an evil serve to be the greatest of all that now infect the Black World.

    We have Black Folks claiming to be so well educated, yet they have not learned the knowledge with understanding of our Life ways of attitude and behavior so taught to us by our First way Black Ancient Ancestors, so the educated New Black Human Being set out to serve our abusers rather than the people they claim to lead as they have seduced their loyalty and Trust, the action of a pure devil.

    Beloved, it is pure evil to mislead those you have deceivingly won their trust of you, teaching them that they must love their enemy and do good to those that misuse and deceive them, it is just as evil to misinform those that Trust in you, by telling Black People that their Black Life can experience the Divineness it once experienced before the coming of Evil into their life by staying in the presence of such evil and depending on that same evil to render to us Black Folks that which is Divinely True about God, such lies are deceivingly evil, those Black lying deceiving Black leaders tell us that the oppressors will Treat us Justly, just as they do themselves and they assure Black People that we will receive a well Balance Life way of living that is Divinely Good, which produce Peace and Joy in the Black Life way of living, right here is america, a liar and deceiver are those poor excuse for Black Leadership.

    Not so beloved, no way will the prince of evil allow the King of Divinity to rise in their midst, so what happen, the prince of evil implore the Black New Human Beings, masquerading as Black Folks leaders, educated and all, to forever keep the Divine Mind of Black people from ever rising, so they con us Black People into believing in a false God, they lie to Black people telling us that america is the best place for us, a place that is laced with Racism and unjustified prejudice against Black people, they lie and deceive us by telling us to work hard to build up our community and thrive to create economic development so that we may have our own mom and pop business, knowing **** well that all of those efforts do not equal up to being Free and independent and being self-sufficient and constructively self - determine with power, Authority and control over our Black Life decisions..

    Yet we have some ill fated educated Black New Human Beings mounting a defense for the stay of their Black Life in america, which is their right to do so, but they do not have the Right to lie and deceive the Black unlearned, uneducated, lost of the Knowledge with understanding of what God Is, know not our relationship to the Universe, and who we Black People really are, Black people have the Right to know all of those Things that are a part of our Life, without the evil influence that come from the New educated Black Human Being, they that take their orders from the very same source that caused the destruction of the Black Divine Being Civilization.

    No, No Beloved, the Divine Truth, Justice and Freedom for Black people must not be compromised by indicating that all sorts of diverse opinions, regardless of the sinking sand foundation they stand on, is to be given equal consideration of acceptance that you give acknowledge and Understanding to that which stand tall on the foundation of Divinity, the Foundation upon which our First Way Ancient Black Divine Ancestors stood and stand upon today, informing us that there must not be compromise of the Divine Truth, because such is the Divine Path that take Black people to uncompromising Justice and Freedom of living.

    So all who desire to remain in america most certainly have the Right to do so, I come sharing the Divine Truth so all Black folks can know that there is another side to that trumped up deceiving side that has been so constructed by the very people that now have us in the condition we now live, as we are told that the social, economic, education order in america is best for Black people and that we do not have the intelligent to construct a Higher and Divine Civilization than we are presently exposed to this evil today, not so beloved, not so.

    Afrika is our Earthly Home for Black People and Africa is where the highest order of Divine Living will rise again for the Black Divine Beings on this planet and the first step needed to be taken to reach such a Divine destination is for Black people to reclaim our Divine Mind and you do that by learning and Knowing with understanding the Divine information that has now come back before the Black World and with such Divine Knowledge, no second or third level of living is acceptable to the Divine Black Beings and such Knowledge and Understanding will lead us to rise up and receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation with a Divine knowledge that the Honorable Marcus Garvey is Divinely correct, by alerting us, That Afrika is for the Afrikans and the Black World must be United again, and such a Divine Reality will not take place until the Children of the Middle Passage have returned back to their Enslaved Ancestors Homeland, as the next established independent State in Afrika and it is from such a foundation will the prophecy of the Honorable Marcus will begin to rise in its Divine Reality, meaning from the position of that New and independent Diaspora State in Afrika, the work will be performed to reunite the two land in Afrika and Unify the Black World to that purpose and goal that we have the Divine Right to become a Independent Unified Black World again..

    The Divine Truth, No It must not Be Compromised And Yes The New Black Negro human Being Despise The divine Truth!!!

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

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