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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are two type of arrogance, there is an arrogance that out of Love express, there is a confidence of assurance about that which is Divinely True and has no place for compromise, because the Divine Truth is without Compromise and is First over all and Second to none, in revealing and verifying the Divine Truth.

    Profane arrogance is motivated by the Trinity of Evil, generated by Vain Ego, Envy and Jealousy, willing to compromise just to be accepted and to win supporters by False accusation about the Events that determine and effective in affecting our Lives.

    Divine Arrogance is Motivated by the Love it express by Sharing the Divine Truth, having no need to be accompany by the Trinity of Evil and having no desire to create a Buddy, Buddy behavior among those the Divine Truth is being shared about and with.

    So you have some people who present to you Black People a Profane Truth with a requirement that you believe what they tell you is the Truth, using others material sometime misunderstood and misinterpreted to convence you of that Profane Truth, never being qualified to use the Divine Mind, because in the Profane Arrogant believer, the Divine Mind has been replaced with the Profane Human Being Mind, a Mind under the control of the Trinity of Evil, motivated by lying and deceiving, in order to get you to believe in the Profane Arrogance of the Human Being Mind Truth.

    Whenever the Divine Truth has been revealed unto you, that Truth come to you, out from a Divine Mind and in the Divine Mind, it is nothing but Love and Devotion for the people the Divine Truth is being Shared to and about, so in sharing the Divine Truth the Master Teacher doing the Divine Sharing does not take no thought about what the victim in need of the Divine Truth believe about the Teacher, the Teacher goal is not to win favor from a Human Being Mind Thinking People, a people whose Mind has caused them to be satisfied in a state of Misery in Life, a Life full of Depression and continue acts of oppression, living under the control of the Human Being Mind and is claiming to be Intelligently aware of the Ancient Kemetic Teaching, when such Teaching is of the Divine Truth and reside not to be Interpreted by a Profane Human Being Mind.

    Tell me beloved, why is it that our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Ancestors came to this Planet and that they were of a Divine Culture which shared when in the process of Knowing, there is no need for papyrus and Pen, in other word no need to write anything down, everything is to be absorbed by Mental activation, the exoteric is to be to confuse and confound the Profane Minds to come after them and the Esoteric they knew will be passed down as IS In Their DNA to their off-spring, So Divine Truth and all of its Arrogance is a Process requiring you to See with your Divine Mind and Profoundly Reason Rationally and Logically, accordingly, as the Divine Truth be revealed to you with your divine Mind intact again and you might wonder why this way, well I will share with you why, because it is through that Chanel of Divine Mind exercise which Flow the Divine Truth which come about from that which cause the Divine Thought process to take place, now, is that not the most Higest display of Divine Arrogance in possession of the Divine Truth, exhibited by the Divine Cosmic First Way Black Ancient Ancestors, they that were on display to teach their initiates about the Natural Knowledge of The Divine Essence Attributes, the Universe and Life Beings ?

    Beloved, have you noticed in the community of the Profane claimers, the believers that teach profane Truth to you, that they present before you a Profane arrogance that mimic the oppressors, they coming to you with a parental attitude as if they believe what is best for you and will Censor Subject Matters on their controlled Blog Sights, the very sight you been invited to join, they preventing you from participating in a Divine process of Learning and not wanting you to be exposed to the Divine Truth, because that Divine Truth reveal to them that all of their Profane method Rote learning come out from the Mind of our oppressors.

    Beloved, the Three most important Principles to Master the Knowledge of that process, is essential to us gaining our Liberation, happen to be, reclaiming our Divine Mind, expressing our Divine Spirituality, which is no more than it being our Attitudinal Behavior and to come back in the Knowledge of the Symbolism of the Gender Difference, though appearing to be Two in Gender opposite, but is ONE In Gender Connection. ( Unity )

    In the Universe there preside a Universal Law and the Basic Principles of that Universal Law is the Guiding Divine Principle of Opposites, meaning that Everything the Divine Essence has Produced to be Revealed coming forth in Two's, and from that Stratum, there is birth a Substratum of Many other Kind, and those Substratum root lie in the root of the principle of opposite of its Parent Stratum and from the Many to the Two become as One, because all there is in the Universe is of a Singularity of ONE, That ONE Entity being The Divine Essence Of All Things That Be, And All Things That Not Be, Yet All Things Are The Attributes Of The Divine Essence, not the Spirit of all things, And The Prime Of all things produced, come from The Perfect Spatal Darkness, Out Of Which All are Caused To Be By The Divine Essence, and Is Produced To Be, there you have the Supreme expression of Divine Arrogance, Its Center Piece being The Divine Truth.

    There is no greater display of Love for our People than to share the Divine Truth with Them about the Heigth From Which We have Fallen and the Pinicle of that Heigth was of Divine Substance, the Mind, and then to share with those same people you Love, the Mirror of their now Fallen Reflection, without Lying, Deceiving, and Compromising the Divine truth to them and that is why there being no Human Being Believing Transformed to be Afrikan American or any so call Black Afrikan that can convence me that The Black People Whom I Divinely Love and Desire To See Us Rise Back Into Our Divinity Again, can tell me anything about what they do not Know and Only Believe.

    So when ever Beloved, you See, Look At and/or Hear a so call Black Afrikan attempting to convence you that there is not one Thing Special about your black Behind, then Know Belove, Religion is their Tool of use and that they are your Enemy amongst you and happen to be, and I spare not such Ignorance of Belief, because it carry not the Feather of Bliss any More, such a Belief become a display of Profane Arrogance of disrespect toward the Black World, a People once were Divine in the expression of our Spirit. ( Attitudinal Behavior )

    Beloved, I Truly Mean No Disrespect Toward No one that is Of Our Linage, That being of the Black once Divine Being.

    Be Kind To Yourself

    Chief Elder
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    Peace and Blessings

    I enjoyed this post I took a dive into it!!! The truth sometimes ain't hard to find...