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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

When I was a child we use to put challenges to one another when we desired to see how committed each of us were to doing something we thought to be of very importance to us and to see who it is that was willing to take on the challenge, we would use the phrase of Double Dog Dare You, which was the highest child challenge to another to do something that is not to popular or we being to readily to do, of course you technocrats generation today do not know anything about such childhood test of bravery, commitment, courage, motivation and honor, today.

Today there are Black generations that are enclosed within a Tunnel of Human Being Suffering, in a Vacuum where only Belief, Faith, Hope, and Dependency is in control of our Mind, we having no self respect with Honor to challenge that which is taking us to our Grave without ever knowing the Divine Truth and believing in a false God, with hope that " HE " will have a place for you to stay, in Religion Heaven.

So with that caliber of Mind, which Black so call Afrikans Wear today, there is no need to wonder why it is that Afrika is in the condition it is in today and the Black so call Afrikan do not know whom we are, as we express and display the Spirit of Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, the Human Being that is in and of the World, evil that it is, toward Black People, because there is nothing more evil than when it take away the identity of an entire Nation, having that Nation who once was at its Divine Pinnacle, and now to be so low today, until that nation feast devoutly upon the mental food of Lies and Deception, taking proud in being deceived about God, Universe, and the Divine Black Self, a sure recipe for the Destruction of Black so call Afrikan Civilization.

So yes, it is the Divine Truth that has come and now reside amongst Black so call Afrikans, putting forth a Double Dog Dare to a once Divine Black Being, to acknowledge the Divine Truth, and not for everybody sake, but your own Sake, because contrary to what the Human Being has taught you about embracing individuality, such an embrace is what keep Black Folks Divided, because our Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors taught us about the Divinity of Collectivism, because in Divine Real Time, what one does, most often certainly has an affect on the other, because the only way the Black World will be reunited again and Afrika becoming for the Black so call Afrikan again, there must be an action to take place by Black People collectively and not individually.

In our Human Being Vacuum, our tunnel of confusion, we lose Divine Sight on what is Divinely important to our Lives, which is to Know the Divine Truth about our Black Selves, which come only from Divine Thought, which will give us Divine Understanding when knowing how to profoundly reason about the Divine Essence, and the Universe, and how the Three of those Action constitute the Trinity of Divine Reality, the Divine Truth being that all that Is and All That Is Not, has its Origin within the Divine Essence, the Infinite Space Energy we refer to as being without illumination of colors, yet is the producer of all colors that come forth out of the Perfect Infinite Spatial Night.

Within the Vacuum of our Brand New Human Being Mind, that which have us confined with a Tunnel Belief, we seem to be victims of not knowing the value of being our Black selves, here we are in a Death situation on this Planet, not operating from our Divine Mind, and now being believers in a false God, a defect that will cause Black People nothing but Confusion and grief, when attempting to classify and categorize what is most important about our Lives, a Life we no longer Know about.

Here we Black Folks are, we argue and debate over who we are to refer to ourselves as Beings, and what we are on this Planet, some amongst us claiming that what we refer to ourselves as Beings, are important and yes it is, and to know our Divine Origin is important, but such at this Time does not reach such a thresh hole that will cause us to know the need for us to know what we need to do to Free ourselves from the Vice that now have Black People so confused about Whom we are, and not how we are to refer to ourselves as Beings, because when the Divine Truth revisit our Mind, giving the sign that we have become in possession of our Divine Mind again, then all that seem to confuse us about ourselves will be made Known to us Black People.

So if we refer to ourselves as Black people, or as a geographical location to identified us upon this Planet, or to us Black People as Human Beings, which you so humbly embrace as your indication of a Being, you in your response is that of a confused Being, then I say, so what does it matter how we identify ourselves, as long as it indicate our difference from those people referring to themselves as White People , Arab People and Jewish People.

Is it not a fact today that Black People who really are Divine Beings, with a description that is different from all others upon this Planet, yet we do not know ourselves today, even when the act to assimilate our change of identity is in play, and yet it is our Divine True Identity you now despise, because our oppressors have so now allowed us to become as they have so described us to be, which is Human Beings and Black, and by referring to us as such, it verify Black People are the opposite of them, which is Divinely True and now we have become Beings they once claimed that we were not, which is Human, and they were Correct when referring to us as not being Human Beings, yet we rebelled against not being referred to as Human Beings and all because we did not and now do not Know Thyself.

Yet here we are spending Time discussing where white people come from, which only show how fascinated we have been made to be about White People, who cares where they come from, will such information return our Divine Mind back to us, will such information cause Afrika to become for the Afrikans again, will such information guarantee a United Black Nation, if not, then where is the value in knowing where White folks come from, when we have not mastered the Knowledge about our Selves.

So Yes, it is the Divine Truth That Has Come And Now Dare you, Double Dog Dare Us Confused Do Not Know Thyself People, To Think, and if and when we ever do, we will come to know that our Priority is not over whether we should be referring to ourselves as Black People, Afrikan People, Azania People, Nubian People, Kemet People, Egyptian People, or where White People originated, but should be about retaining our Divine Mind, so that we can again Think Divinely again, a Thought Process that will instruct us to know that our top priority is to gain control of Afrika and to Reunite Our Divine Nation, and do away with Tribal identity and wars.

We now are referred to as the Many Name Nation, commonly referred to as the Black so call Afrikan Nation, we must first regain our Divine Mind, so that we can Think Divinely again..

As long as we the Children Of The Middle Passage Remain in America Diaspora, we will speak as we have been taught to speak and identify ourselves as we have been taught to identify ourselves, that is if we desire to interact and communicate with each other in an understanding way, and do allow me to share this with you Black People, unless we communicate with each other in a way we can understand each other, our Life become destined to continue the Path now laid before us and that Path now lead to Afrika and Black People destruction, all of that which is going on today is there to destroy us Black People, you mean the only thing we can find to be important about our Lives, is to debate what we are to Name ourselves, and where White People come from, yet here we are ourselves, we being a People that we know nothing about, because we have lost our Divine Mind .

How pitiful and Sadly Shameless we Black Folks have become, having no Divine knowledge about God, Universe, and our Divine Selves and it is all because we have been made to believe and not Think and now the Divine Truth has come and now is Double Dog Daring You Black People To Think Again !!!

You now have allowed the oppressors to present to you a Black Messiah in the personage of Obama, he that come taking on the persona of the oppressors Jesus, teaching you that you must become Blind to what is Divinely Real to you in America, which is that America is a Racist and Unjustified Prejudice America system of governing, yet as Obama become the Pied Piper, the Romanticist about America Racial Diversity and with a Racism that is not visible to the Racially Blind in America, you Black People line up all dressed up in your Blind Fold to follow another white folks Messiah for you Black People.

No, No, Yes, I really do desire that Obama become President but as I have said, for my own reason that is different from yours, you Black People who really believe in the change Obama is selling to you, but as you are looking and can not See, the Racist element in America have their sight on their Target and you are to Drunk off of your Romantic Want for Obama to become President, not realizing that there is grave danger awaiting that young Man, Danger because Obama is Running to become President of the most Racist Deceiving Countries among the G-8 Countries and they all being a party to Black folks Destruction.

No Beloved, Obama can not define America for me, nor can he determine for me whether or not Racism is active in America and claim for me that Racism has a shelf Human Being Mind life with an expiration date, no beloved,not when I know that America was built off of the enforcement and practice of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice against Black People.

So No, there can be no defining for me, America Racist status, not by White folks and not by Obama, because only the Children Of The Middle Passage hold such qualification and can determine the status of America Race Relation, and not until America show some remorse for what they have done to our Enslaved Ancestors and show some Repentance by paying Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, then all discussion on Race Relation in America is without Merit and is to become a Moot act of discussion, if the Children of the Middle Passage is not leading the discussion.

The Divine Truth Has come To Black People And It now Is Double Dog Daring Black People to Think, Because That Is The Only Weapon Qualified To Liberate Our Lives From Its Present Condition In The world Today.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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Dear Chief

thank you for your statement

what are the first three things we need to do

for this divine restoration?

i would like to know i'm dying here

thanking you in advance
Beloved, not until Black people come to See the need to come together to serious discuss that very question you ask of me, there will always be your question without it ever being Answered Divinely Truthfully.

It is as if Black People want an advanced notice on what the Answer to our Problems are and we seem to want to sit in the comfort of our respective Homes expecting the answer to such a question you ask, to come over the Screen of the Computer or over TV, not so beloved, we are living in the most serious Time of our Life and there is no Magical Character coming to answer your Question or to Save your Life.

Be Kind to your Self

Chief Elder
i'll rephrase my question

what 3 things do I NEED TO DO to restore MY divine energy, MY divine thought process

i'm not waiting for some magic CHIEF ELDER

i'm asking that YOU give me, ME ahead start

i don't have time to wait for other black people

i'm not hoping for an answer over a "computer screen" chief

when a baby is learning to walk you do hold its' hand to help the baby along

so i'm asking to hold my hand for a minute help me walk to the 3 things i need

to do to get me back to the divinity in your opinion

much respect CHIEF

again i'm dying over here

i DON'T have time to wait

i already i'm not a materialistic, i don't follow this negative euro mindset

so how can i get back, without buckling to the fact that i need money

in this apocalypse and i need food and shelter under the present economic



i need to find what is right

or i'm a searching for something that doesn't exist in this dimenision?


:bowdown: bowing to your presence

Beloved, apparently you have not been reading that which I have been sharing with black people.

I will sight three things but obviously after some Five Thousand Years of Mind Tampering of black People, there is more than Three things we need to do to ascend back to gain use of our divine Mind, also I am picking up some energy from your inquiry but I will let that be for the Moment.

As I have shared from the Time I have been sharing with the black World the steps we must practice in order to begin our divine Ascension, which are:

1, we must come to realize that what has been taught to us concerning whom we are, we must be able to Dismiss.

2. we must dismiss all that has been taught to us about Religion Doctrine of all sorts

3.we must come to know the importance of Environment and Cultural deception and be able to recognize such not to be in your Life Divine interest.

Master those three steps and see if the beginning of a Transformation we all must experience begin to come into motion, but one thing is certain, to practice deception in those three steps will only reveal who you are, beloved.

Beloved, did you not understand when I shared that the Black Mental Transformation is not a I got Mine and that is all I am concerned about action, is not such a behavior of us, would be so familiar to you ?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

Chief Elder


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