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Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
Hoteph Beloved Ones:

My Spirit honors your Spirit.
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Many of us go through life never knowing who we are. :huh:

When we ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, on the doors of the wilderness within,
thirst and hunger like a deer panting for water,
and drink the water beyond a dry well.
Born Again Afrikans

Here is loving you/Afrika:love:
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Divine Spiritual Walker

very often sleep must be the sacrifice
but then the universe will give you nothing
without a sacrifice
first you distance yourself from family
because they are the first to think
you have gone too far
then you change your circle of friends
because they just don't understand
then your mate partner has to go
because you are in transition
and they refuse to make the journey with you
and of course you must change jobs
because you must do something
in line with your Spiritual self
there must be true harmony and balance
inside of you and outside of you
and then...you realize
that the trees and rocks and hills whisper to you
and you must answer the call
when you hear the trees
and they are firm in their communication
when you hear the whisper of the universe
and it creates this force in you
that no one will understand unless
they have gone through it
you finally realize that you must walk alone
until you find some one that not understands...
but knows
it is a quiet type of pain
just enough to let you know
that death is not interested in you
and you must stay
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Divine Spiritual Talker

I have found the water beyond a dry well
and have learned to drink
every now and again
I long for the commonality
but then I remember there is a reason
that God chose me
When I stood in the dessert
and asked God what was I to do?
The answer came so quietly and quickly
I was to tell the Truth
help heal the broken heart
spread love, joy, peace, and Truth
be the comforter for the sick
a conduit of sunshine
that enveloped the human framework
and restored it
sometimes it was done with a word
sometimes a smile
before I knew what my mission was
my exact mission
I thought that my touch was one of skill
not understanding it was of Spirit
and in that sense I only had to touch
with my lips or hand it mattered not
the result was the same
and then I learned that great gifts
have greater responsibilities
and I had to be careful who I touched
I had to be careful how I touched
and I realized I must stand alone
so as they say here I stand
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Divine Spiritual Lover

I posses such a deep capacity to love
that it has become
my liberation and my prison
I have seen beyond the practical
into the light
I, who experience the pain of the world
and long to heal it
If I could,
as I pass each human being
I would ask them for their pain
some think this is too much
but it is my mandate
and I Am at peace with this
I Am willing to do what is needed to heal
and I Am not bound by the earthly
definitions and boarders
what is common
for the people of earth to debate
is of no meaning to me
when I enter a room,
my vibration massages
its foundation
and repulses the evil
My touch is of heaven
My womb is sacred
I Am a vessel of healing
reserved for those
that are worthy
I Am loving you King gods and
I will allow your prophecy to be fulfill
You will love Queen goddesses
We will be each other sanctuary
We will be One
with each other for all eternity
Let it begin NOW
King gods
What is your wish?
We are separate flickers of a common flame
born of a cyclonic energy
designed to go away from one another
only to be found again
Do my words touch your soul
in ways that no one has before?
Why has your very body
opened up to my vibrations?
Now is the time King gods
Bring forth the forces of the Universe
Bring forth the confluence of forces that
will reflect the emotions
that run through you now
like a mighty river running wild
Let it be done
at this time
let the waters of nun part the valley of life
Let the joy of heaven be revealed!
Let us reach a higher plain!
Let us tear away the inhabitations
and enjoy the
sweetnessssssssssssssssssss of compassion
Will you come with me King gods?
I Am at you side
Let us take flight
Come with me now King gods
don't delay
Allow the valley of creation
to run wet with
anticipation of togetherness
allow the mortal scream
to serve as a witness
to the power of your compassion
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Divine Spiritually Living
I always show up in a person's life when
they are standing at the crossroads
Must rocks always be the pillow for our Afrikan men?
Have I hit the proverbial nail on the head?
in battle they are the reminder
but when the battle is over
It is the Twin Mountains
of the mother earth
that serve as the Afrikan man's respite
It is the valley of heaven
Where a Afrikan man finds his nutrition
It is in the eyes
of a Afrikan woman
that the Afrikan man
find his reassurance
that he is fighting
for a just cause
I have come
to consume your pain
and grow your love
to remind you of your Majestic
to teach you to love again
to be in love again
to be a lover again
take a deep breath
in through your nose
and out through your mouth
I will take it with you...on the count of three
and enjoy the sweetnessssssssssssss of passion
allow the mortal scream
to serve as a witness
to the power of your passion
Now it is I who must breath
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Walking with the Ancestors
Walking with the Afrikan man
Walking with the Afrikan woman
Walking with the Afrikan children
Wisdom is calling the Afrikan
King gods
Queen goddesses
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Divine Spirituality IS My
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I AM a Theophany (a sign of the Divine God's presence), an Epiphany (Divine manifestation), on a Divine Spiritual Safari in search of my Utopia.
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I AM a Divine Spiritual Walker
I AM a Divine Spiritual Talker
I AM a Divine Spiritual Lover
I AM Divinely Spiritually Living
I AM that I AM
I AM Divine Energy, Power, and Spirit (all one)
goddess IsIs Akkebala
goddess of Divine loving and justice
Mother of all goddesses
Iya of Afrika
A Mother of Afrika
Vibing with the Oneness of Divineness
Afrika!Afrika! Afrika!
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copyright 2005 all rights reserved, created by goddess IsIs Akkebala (aka)/Iya of Afrika and Kamau Khalfani

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...standing on the shoulders of giants
Sep 21, 2005
Philadelphia PA
Behavioral Health
amazing write...i loved it.

like sitting at the knees of our ancestors, you just literally kept me enthralled.
so many parts to highlight, i dont wanna reduce this to quotes.

all must read and glow in the presence of these words.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
How deeply this post touch my inner self as i kneel down at the heed of thy ancestors your creative words of truth and realism always capture me.......

flow on keep da ink dripping poeticly

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
Beloved Mighty warriors abstract219 and $$RICH$$:

I bow and slaute the Divine in you two and thank you both for allowing our Cosmic Divine Ancestors words to touch the Sinew in the root of your strength.

I remain humble.

Here is loving you:kiss1: /Afrika.
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