Chief Elder Osiris : Divine Spiritual Retreat, The Need Is Now.

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    Divine Spiritual Retreat, The Need Is Now.

    By Chief elder Osiris



    Beloved, tell me, why is it that Black people seem to be in need of other people leadership when the Soul of Black people is revealing there being a need for the Mind of Black People to go into a act of Retreat, a Retreat for the sake of getting in the know of the various aspect of the Mental Dimensions of your Mind inner self.

    Such a Dimension that will inform the inner self about the reason we are as we are, as a Being that is composed by such an Intelligent Force of Divine Infinite Existence, a Force that does not require, but have you with the ability to desire that which is Divinely True.

    Such a Desire being for you to know Thyself, in relationship to the Infinite Existence of a Divine Energy Essence Intelligence, which is what cause all things, To Be.

    Whenever the talk is about Spirituality, regardless of its quality of description, we immediately allow our Mind to fall within the circle of Religion, and when Black people who are victims of such a mental fall, in regard to religion, hear of the term Spirituality, we immediately allow the Mind we now carry to fall upon how Religion has so described and defined Spirituality to be, as religion has conditioned our Mind to associate Spirit to be some Ethereal Form flying around in and out of your Body physical, believing that the spirit is an entity that float around in the form of your physical body, not so beloved..

    Religion teach you to relate Spirituality to be a certain way to believe about that religious God, and to be obedient to the doctrinal tenets of that religion, which is that you must have an unwavering belief in the main character that represent such religion, and the more you allow your Mind to be control by the main character of that Religion, which you believe to be True, the more your body Ethereal Ghost like made up Spirit is to correspond with what such religion doctrine has informed you to believe in and to be True, the more you alienate your self from your Divine Mind, the source of your Divine spirituality.

    Let any other Racial Ethnic Group with the exception of Black Afrikan People, call for and invite you to a Spiritual Retreat and the black Afrikan question not, why?

    Well I will share with you why, it is because the Mind Black people now wear is that of a Religious Mind that draw no distinction between Religion and Spirituality, which mean that Spirituality is to mean Religion and Religion is to mean Spirituality, which when having the Divine Mind action operating, there come to be made clear that there is a Divine difference between Religious Spirituality and Divine Spirituality, because each is referencing a state of Mind, and its quality of use in relationship to the Body Life Self way of expressing the Spirit of your Mind action, so in religion it is believing, and in Divinity it is Knowing the difference in body and spirit.

    Beloved, it has been many Millenniums since Black Afrikan People responded to a call to a Divine Spiritual Retreat, all because the Divine Mind been gone so long, and because of that fact, the body life Mind of Black people have come to be under seize by somebody else Mind, and because of that fact, Black people have been led to believe that Life Spiritual Salvation come only through the Religious Minds that are in control of the Religious Mind.

    So, Black people today associate the likes of a Billy Graham, the Dali Lama, Oral Roberts and the likes of , along with the pope himself, to only have such a relationship with God that have them to be worthy to call for and conduct Spiritual Retreat and have Revelation about Life and its responsibility to self.

    They do so by their calling and having you respond in belief that it is a religious Retreat you are being called to attend, and you by being religious believers, associate such a call by such religious leaders to be that of a Spiritual retreat as well, profanely maybe, but not Divinely.

    So, when the call come for a Divine Spiritual Retreat, Black people make no distinction in the call, as for it having an entirely different meaning and purpose when a call for a Religious spiritual Retreat is sounded by the leaders of your oppression, all because when a Divine Spiritual Retreat is referencing a specific Ethnic of people who once have experienced the Dimension of a Divine Mind Spirituality act of expressed Esoterically and Exoterical experience, to be called by one of your own kind, you frown with disbelief and doubt, the typical display of the Mind by the oppressed, today.

    Therefore, such a Divine Spiritual Level of experience is not associated to Black people being of such Divine Spiritual Mental qualification anymore, and Black People, because of the depth of Ignorance about our Selves, immediately splash ridicule, make fun of, and shower the expression of doubt about Black people being in such a command of the Divine Spiritual Mental procedure required to inform Black People about the various Dimensions of Soul Intuitive Dimension.

    So much so, until about that which extend beyond the inner dimension of conscious activity, a level of inner dimension which we been made to believe that Black people are not suppose to know how to get back to any more, we end up doubting that Black people can do Divinely Spiritually, what we have contributed to our oppressors to be religiously Spiritual to do only for us Black people, What a sad self ignorant people we have been made to be, today.

    Such in-depth knowledge of the inner self by and about Black people and you with the artificial Mind of our oppressors, such Mental inner-sanctum knowledge of the Mind of Black people, has to be contributed to anybody other than Black People, meaning that Black people have been conditioned to believe that only those people with a history of oppressing Black people are qualified to teach Black people about the Divine Essence (GOD) dwelling Reality of the inner self within the Black Body Life.

    Well, because Black people now follow the guidance of our oppressors Mind, in regard to the oppressors God Religion, then Black people now, because of their Religious Spiritual influence, now find ourselves Body Life to be in the present condition it is in today and we have been religiously taught to accept such a suffering condition to be an expression of our Religious Spirituality that is well accepted by the Religious god we have been conditioned to believe in today, as the Black Life Perish because of the lack of knowledge about their Divine Spirituality.

    So Yes, Beloved, the Time is Now and Way Passed for the need of a Divine Spiritual Retreat, without Religious boarders, and the call is now for you to respond to, it being the Call of a Divine Spiritual Retreat, not for me, not for some kind of a belief system, but for the required need for you to get to know the Divine Inner Qualities of your Divine Mind Self.

    Beloved, it is the arrogance of ignorance that will not allow you to see the need you are over due in responding to and involving your self with, the need being an experience of your Divine Spiritual Dimensions that take you beyond the purview of your Conscious-Subconscious Mental Dimension.

    So those of you who are ready to rediscover the Divine Spiritual Dimension of your Divine Mind, do so, by responding to a Divine Spiritual Retreat, a Divine Spiritual retreat that will not be conducted by the established oppressors Religious leaders of Black Afrikan People.

    Beloved, you must come to know that there are Black Divine Minds qualified of informing you of the Mental requirement in order for you to experience your Divine Spirituality once again, and when you do, then be ready to behold the Resurrection of a United Tribal-less Black Afrikan Nation and a One United Black Afrika Continent.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]