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    In this work I go deeper into the philosophy of GOD as creation and I explore the concepts of modern science and how they correlate with Moorish Science. This work will lay the ground work for understanding of the philosophy of universal consciousness and the initiatic insight into who or what is GOD. This work is based on the understanding that the universe is a creation of GOD’S mind and that GOD himself is embodied in creation according to his own will. This knowledge is the key to spiritual enlightenment and the discovery of GOD. These teachings can be found in the Holy Koran of the M.S.T. of A. (CIRCLE SEVEN). Chapter 11:17-38 and all through out the Circle Seven from chapters 1-19 and chapters 35,36,37, and 38.

    The meaning of the word Physics is the study of the composition of Nature. The word nature comes from the Latin word Natura. This word originated from the Ancient Egyptian words Neter (GOD) and Neteru (GOD‘S manifestations). Physics is the study of GOD. Since each human being is a God. A manifestation of GOD the most direct way to know GOD is to study GOD’S manifestation, oneself, because we can not exist without being sustained at every moment by GOD. Therefore, GOD can be found in us. It is only due to the rampant, untrained thought processes that control the direction of the mind, that GOD is not perceived by us. Therefore, the study of GOD through GOD’S manifestations in us requires the mastery of our thought faculty and the understanding of the laws by which nature exists. KNOW THYSELF AND THE FATHER GOD ALLAH!

    The universe is infinite in all directions, both at the atomic (micro) level and at planetary (macro) level. What we call matter, is not what it appears to be. In fact, matter is 99.9% empty space (Ethers) surrounded by an idea (information, thought), consciousness. The remaining 1% of matter which appears to be visible is an optical illusion. The Atom is composed of a positively (+) charged particle called a Proton and a particle with no charge (N), called a Neutron, in the center. These two particles are surrounded by an Electron which carry a negative (-) charge and revolves around the Nucleus. All matter is composed of the same Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. The difference in appearance comes from the combination of different Atoms with varied combinations of the three particles. The Electrons have no weight and there is a vast empty space (Ethers) between the Protons and the Electrons that circulate around them; also there is empty space (Ethers) inside of the Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. Therefore, what we are seeing and touching by use of our senses is not at all what it appears to be. What we seem to perceive with our senses is in reality, only different aspects of the same substance. That is, when energy vibrates at a high sped (frequency), it appears as light (less dense, less weight) material such as gas or electricity. When it vibrates at a lower speed, it appears as a solid (dense material) object such as rocks or metal. The higher the vibrations are, the more subtle the material will appear to be. The slower the vibrations are, the more solid, rigid and static it will appear to be. When matter vibrates at very high rates, it goes beyond the gaseous state; then matter appears as rays such as sun-rays or X-rays. At higher rates of vibration, it would be so subtle that it could fit in between the empty space (Ethers) in the slower vibrating matter. It could pass through it or reside in it. This is the subtle realm of the spirit body which inhabit the physical body. The object of all spiritual movements is to identify one’s consciousness, one’s concept of who one is, with the subtlest reality rather than with the gross physical reality because the physical one is perishable and transient, whereas the subtlest one is transcendental and immortal. In fact, it is the subtle spirit from which gross matter is created. For this reason, keeping a light lifestyle which promotes higher mental vibrations, a light diet and light thoughts are important. So the truth is that matter, that is, everything which can be perceived with our senses, including our bodies, is an illusion. If we were to look at matter the way it truly is, we would see structures that appear as small planets and moons circling them at lightning speeds. Even the most solid looking structures are really moving; everything is in perpetual motion. Further, we would see that matter seems to come out of nowhere and then goes back into nowhere-ness. As all matter is composed of the same stuff, the different objects we see in the world are merely different combination of the same of the same material substance common to all things; this is what meant by an illusion or appearance of multiplicity and variety. Atoms (energy) come together to create molecules; molecules from objects. Matter/energy is held together by consciousness. Consciousness is the underlying support of all things in the universe. Matter cannot exist without consciousness to give it form and be the perceiver of its existence, because matter is only an illusion projected by the conscious perceiver who uses sensory organs to perceive with and mind to interpret that which is perceived. Energy and matter are interchangeable. This interchangeability of matter and energy is represented in the famous formula (E=mc2). Therefore, even the most solid looking objects are in reality energy in motion at different vibratory rates.

    Objects of the world which appear to be separate, such as human beings, are in reality exchanging pieces of each other on a continuous basis. That is to say, every time we breathe out we are expelling atoms and molecules from our internal organs. Therefore, every time we breathe, we are sharing pieces of our bodies with other people and with the environment. For example, air that is breathed by someone in India may be breathed by someone in the United States two days later and vise versa. Thus, the physical world which appears to have defined boundaries is only an illusion. In reality, the world is one interrelated mass of atoms and energy which is being caused to move and interact by some unknown force. The all encompassing force that binds the universe together is called Sekhem, this force can be controlled through mental discipline. The substance called dark matter which is an unseen, unfelt substance that makes up 99% of the universe. Space is composed of extremely subtle matter. Space bends when close to an object with high gravitation such as a dense star. Like ordinary physical matter, space itself is a substance which unites and binds the cosmos. Therefore, there are no voids, cavities or empty spaces in the universe. All is one. We Moors use the term Ether to describe this space. This means that not only is the world one interrelated mass, but that it is a part of the greater mass called the Universe. The Absolute Truth is the created universe really does not exist except as perceived through the mind of the individual. It is a manifestation of the Supreme Being that ebbs and flows in a time frame that encompasses an untold number (perhaps billion) of years. It is created and destroyed periodically. The last creation occurred several billions of years ago. In the future, the universe will close in on itself (contract), and all the planets, stars, etc. will return one point. Then, a new creation will occur again. Those who are alive now, will not witness that dissolution since it will not occur for millions of years in the future, however, the implications of what it means are crucial to the understanding of the nature of reality (the cosmos) with which humans are intimately related. In fact, the created universe is only an appearance for the generation of a stage upon which the human experience may occur. In addition, this illusion that has been created by our conditioned minds, is a reality only to the extent that we believe in it. Thus, reality appears to be a relative idea. The true essence of things can be seen by the liberated mind which sees what lies beyond the information given by the senses and that those whose minds are not liberated will experience the physical world as if it really exists. For example: there is no blue sky. It only appears to be blue because of the limited human sense of vision.

    In Quantum Physics the so called physical reality cannot exist outside of the person conducting the experiments. Nature and all phenomena occur because of an experimenters ability to conceptualize the phenomena and to interpret it. Therefore, the observer is part of the phenomena being observed. I will use the term participant instead of using the term experimenter, because the experimenter is really a participant in the experiment because his or her consciousness conceives, determines, perceives, interprets and understands it. No experiment or observed phenomena in nature can occur without someone to conceive that something is happening, determine that something is happening, perceive that something is happening (through instruments or the senses), and finally to interpret what has happened and to understand that interpretation. So matter, that is to say creation, is composed of not only energy in varying degrees of density (vibration), but that it is intelligent, or it might be better understood by saying that matter and energy are manifestations of Cosmic Intelligence (consciousness).

    Time is not a constant, fixed, and tangible factor as we are so accustomed to. In fact, the concept of time depends on the perception of the individual who is experiencing the passage of time. The very fact that time does not have a fixed point of reference is a factor of its illusoriness. The concept of time developed out on a need to explain the way in which events seem to occur in a sequential manner, but this idea is an illusion of the human mind. In fact what we seem to experience is not the passage of time, but the motion of the opposite but complementary forces as they (we) interact with each other. The cosmic energies and elements are always engaged in perpetual change which the human mind confuses as the passage of time. So I must tell you about the importance of performing righteous actions in this lifetime because you will be judged by the assessors of MAAT who exist in a different time reference than the one which is known of by ordinary humans. Just as a dream can be experienced within another dream, GOD creates new forms of existence (world systems, universes, life forms, etc.), as successive mental thoughts within thoughts. I call this concept a multi-dimensional movement of energy. Energy is neither used nor wasted, only reformulated into ever changing, infinity. We exist through many incarnations creating the projection of a body and a surrounding world but in reality each of us is GOD having innumerable dreams. Creation occurs due to the power of the mind to think and believe in what is thought. Since the universe proceeds from the mind of GOD, through a dream process as it were, it follows that all things, our mental ideas as well as what is called physical reality are in reality emanations from the cosmic mind of GOD. Therefore, it follows that attunement of the individual human mind with that comic mind will bring forth union with the cosmos (Maat). Thus, by getting back to the source of the original thoughts of the mind, it is possible to find enlightenment. This task may be accomplished by simple but intense reflection on the nature of reality. As we are innately divine (Gods), we too can create with our mind, not only ideas but new physical realities as well, through the practice and exercise of our heart (mind) and tongue (will). It is only because we have been convinced by the world that we are puny animals in need of salvation and assistance from outside of our-selves that we exist in a degraded, depressed state. Therefore, from an even higher perspective, it must be understood that our concepts of GOD, the cosmic mind that creates and causes existence to appear to exist, is only a projection of GOD. Thus the mind of GOD is the source of all creations, and everything that springs forth from them. This is something that must be known not only intellectually, but intuitionally.

    Creation is re-played every moment of every day. Every time our heart beats, a new moment of life is created. Everyday the sun rises, another day is created. In less than one year, 98% of all the atoms in the human body are replaced with completely new ones. In less than a year and a half we have a completely new body. Therefore, the body and brain do not meet the criteria of reality as that which is unchanging. They are always changing and illusory. They, along with the mind, are changeable with time. Therefore, the only reality is that which sustains them, that which keeps them working and allows them to have the illusion that they really exist. The only unchanging reality is the spirit.


    Bro. M. Moore-Bey
    Heru Em Akhet-Bey