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    Posted on Friday, February 25, 2005 - 03:38 pm:

    Hoteph Beloved Ones: :SuN030:

    My Spirit honors your Spirit. :SuN030:

    Thank you for the glistening nectar of your loving light....IT VIBES JUST RIGHT.

    Only highly Spiritual self confident and self aware Black Afrikan women are able to discuss such a Spiritual Divine union such as Divine polygamy.

    The Black american woman as is, will not be qualified, nor possess the self confidence to discuss the Divine polygamy relationship and union, because the culture of america she has been tainted with to the extent she is unaware of the sacred principals nature so require of all its action and that is harmony, balance and order, such is what a true relationship of Divine polygamy promote and represent.

    Beloved, Divine polygamy is not about sharing a man with more than one woman, it is about understanding the divinity of the Feminine gender, a goddess she has always been, until Christianity came into the world and defamed the divinity of the goddess feminine gender.

    america is a Christian country and it defies everything about the law of nature and in this regard we are talking about the union of Female and male and to restrict such a union to a pairing of female to male one to one, with such being called monogamy, such is in direct contradiction to the rule and law of Nature, which stress its basic principals of harmony, order and balance, and monogamy defies such natural principals.

    Beloved, is it not a fact that nature produce more Females than males and to stress a one on one relationship between Female and male, only create enmity and competition between sisters in pursuit for our Black Afrikan men?

    Divine Polygamy is so balance to the point it defiles the man who attempt to practice such a Divine act without love and devotion to the wives he choose, treating one no more different than the other and taking on no more than can provided for equally, such is the action of Divine polygamy.

    Divine Polygamy is not to see how many women a man can have in order to establish some kind of social class reputation with an inflated male ego which reflect a distaste for women, in this case Black Afrikan women, no it is not about seeing how many notches he can put on his gun, Divine polygamy is about love, Harmony, Order, and Balance.

    Now I know most women will not agree with what I just stated about Divine polygamy, but then it is not about playing to the irrational ego and emotion of the woman, it is about that which is divinely truth because Nature has so created it that way, yet we want to have it our american way, a way that has for so long proven not to be in the best interest of the Afrikan woman and man in america or any where else for that matter.