Chief Elder Osiris : Divine Nature Of Life And The Confusion We Have About Life

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    Divine Nature Of Life And The Confusion We Have About Life

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    If Your Belief Is Of Lucifer, ( Religion ) Then Your Mind Is Not Calibrated To Accept This Which I Am Sharing With You, Beloved.

    So Who It Is That Suffer The Fault From Such Divine Revelation, The Foolish Among Us, That Is guided by Ignorant Intelligence.


    There is a misrepresentation of reincarnation in definition, some people take it to mean the return from death in another form or in the form you died with, not so.

    Reincarnation is the embodiment of and the personification of the genetic body of those you are the direct descendant of, therefore you become incarnate with inner personification of your Ancestors, because of your Genetic connection to them, their Genetic code is what you carry and is what cause you to be able to know, see, feel, and communicate with them as well as with yourself, Mentally and genetically, using the senses as well as the Mind.

    Therefore you are the incarnate of your Ancestors and not your Ancestors reincarnation separate from you, thus you have the Divine Action of the Oneness and Continuum of your Ancestors being the reincarnation inside of you, Genetically and not physically.

    Therefore The One Entity being the Divine Essence of all Things Nonphysical, become the reincarnation into all thing physical, with the Divine Soul of the Nonphysical being present in all things physical and is Nonphysical, the Divine Soul being the Eternal Everlasting Infinite Energy of Intelligence, the Divine Essence of All Things incarnate.

    Because of the Divine Nature of Life, we should Love and Respect All Life, we meaning not just Race Based Life but all Body life with a Conscious Intelligence associated to all Corporeal Anthropomorphous Life Form.


    Here is the problem with what is usually the discussion about the family, marriage, and the feminine - masculine relationship and based upon our misperception about ourselves and life, what we all are doing is trying to forge a family relationship structure that will meet our religious wants, trying to do it without paying the price it take to live the type of life you claim to be desirous of to enjoy.

    We can talk and discuss and make comparison of ideas about what various Race of people want and not need to do, in order to change the caliber of spirit and belief we now display and express toward each other, claiming that you want to make a change in the condition of your Life, not need but want, while all such talk is as chaff before the wind, if we do not do what come first in constructing the ideal social personal relationship with each other, both intimately mental, and / or Platonic.

    Now, what do I mean about that, well it is simple, because it does not take a genius to know why it is that we today, behave toward each other as we do, yet here we are sometime discussing ways to change our spirit toward each other, using the Human Being structure and foundation upon which, social behavior rest upon, and that structure consist of a set of so call morals and immoral principles, which is grounded into the foundation of the Human Being Religion, as so conceived by them, Lucifer incarnate.

    We are trying to reach spiritual salvation without going through the Fire of Divinely Knowing who in the Hell we are as a Divine People, a purge of mental cleansing that must take place with all people, before we can begin to know the beauty of Divine relative living.

    The perception of marriage is a Human Being construct, with all of the laws and policy that sustain it, here we are discussing all of the problems that infest our Lives as controlled by that institution, as we now have the experience of living under the Human Being perception about Feminine, Masculine Relationship, we even have members of the Wombgender gladly admitting to submitting to their Husband, as if they are in some kind of a slave marriage relationship, which is what the Human Being Marriage system is all about, that type of relationship carry the highest of disrespect the Staffgender has toward the Wombgender, it put and keep the wombgender in a childish position, always having to ask for and get permission from the husband, before she can do something of her liking or make decision for self, independent of her husband input, that is the spirit of a religious believer marriage, and has no relevancy to Divine Relationship guided by a Divine Mind Thinking ability with the expression of Divine Spirituality, in term of the Feminine / masculine connection.

    In a profane environment you can not imitate Divinity, and in order to construct a Divine Relationship between the Wombgender and Staffgender, it will never Divinely materialize within a profane environment, and today, the majority of World society live in a profane environment, one that is dominated by Lucifer, and also is controlled by him as well, he having authority over all of our Lives that is of a lower status caused by those who make decision for our lives today, yet here we are many and most time, holding vain discussion about such a fallible institution as religious marriage.

    To those people who really and Divinely Truly desire to restructure your lives, first thing first, and the first thing you need to admit to and realize, is that, as long as we are functioning without the ability to Divinely Think and Know about our Divine self life, then all else action we take is in pretense, because you can not live Divinely Spiritual in a profane environment and it is the environment that now shape your method of believing that is preventing you to Divinely Think and Know what is needed for your life living to become Divinely Spiritual again.

    So in order to Divinely change our body life way of living, which we must and with a desire of having the ability of how we need to Divinely perceive of each other, and do so in relative term and not in equal or unequal term, not until then will we be qualified to express our Divine Spirit in the presence of others.

    In a Divine relationship there is no you lead and I follow, and such an order is based upon your sex gender, no beloved, in such a Divine Gender difference relationship, it is about the order in which you are to each other, that determine the pecking order of advisement, coming from one to the other, absent of vain ego, envy, and jealousy with malice, toward each other.

    First seek you to change the quality of your thoughts from being profane to that which must be Divine, and then you will be able to See clearly, that people of a different living status suffering from abuse and hunger, they are in need of a change from the environment that has caused such a condition to come upon them.

    So we must change the quality of spirit that we today express toward each other, a spirit that we today are using to express ourselves, which is profane and is not Divine, a spirit that is dictated by the Human Being Religious doctrine, which we use today as our guide in shaping our Character and Personality, one that is very profane today and is causing you to, without Divine guidance, attempt to discuss Divine Desires about marriage and relationship, with a profane method of thinking.



    So all of the religious and civil laws of the Human Being, such have been created for purpose to confuse your life and to create condition that effect your life adversely, therefore, come the condition of confusion and life believing condemnation, enacted by the Human Being Religion and Civil Law, which has been so constructed for purpose to confuse your Life and to control your Body Life way of using your Mind, which the Human Being fill with contradictions, Lies, and deceptive belief, as the Human Being Mind become a condition that cause you to believe in all that a Profane Religious institution WILL HAVE YOU TO BELIEVE ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

    Such a belief system condition your mind to accept life and not to Divinely live your life, claiming that such a way is being God way of doing things, in regard to your Life , leading you to believe that such a Natural Divine phenomena, Life, come with conditions and Commands straight out of the mouth of God, the Human Being God, that which is not, what Ignorant Intelligence that now guide the belief of a once Divine World, Universal in Nature and Divine by the Divine physical action of Nature Life.

    What is Life other than the Divine Universality of Motion in Action, connected to the Eternal Infinite universe technology which represent the action of the Divine Essence, It which in your Life Body, does reside the Winding Ladder of your Genetic verification of Winding Relationship of Divine Truth and Reality, encoded within the Dark Perfection of the Divine Essence, Its Action being Infinite and Precise in Its Presentation Of Life, Which is Divine Action in Motion interacting in Harmony, Order, And Balance with the Divine Infinite Intelligence that form and Reveal all things that come from Its Action in an Intelligent Design, Meaning that the Divinity of Life is the Evidence of a Divine Essence presenting an Intelligent Design with an Action and Motion we call Life, A Life that is not formed out of Lies and Deception which causes conditions of confusion, which serve as evidence that such a quality of Life is not of the Divine Essence Making and is lacking of its Divine Spirituality..

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Divine Thoughts.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]