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    Divine Leadership

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I am humble to say that way back when I first became a member of the Destee Family, I plainly established that I was not seeking nor was I claiming nor do I desire to be referred to as a Leader of Black People, but that is not to say that Black People do not need a Divine Leader and our present Living Condition and the condition of Afrika verify the wisdom in such an acknowledgement, that we are in need of a Divine Leader.

    Now I often share with us all, wherever I post My Missives, that I have come only to share that which I know is Divinely True, but I am the First in line in search for a divine Leader that is qualified in causing me to go deeper into the Mental state of my Divinity, and before whomever is qualified to further Divinely enlighten me, then to whomever meet such a qualification, will I meekly Humble myself to be Divinely taught and Led.

    Now, with that said beloved, I will share with you that which I know, concerning Leadership, if no more than a small portion of such Divine information, and please, I mean no one any disrespect, but due to Black People status in the World Today, We need to be informed, free of any confusion about what Black People need and do not need, beloved.

    With That Shared:

    Listen beloved, I am not one to chase ill gotten and unwise irrational emotional statements about what Black people do not need.

    Nature has so established, within each exclusive ethnic group of formed Beings, there are members with the ability to influence and there are those naturally equip to lead, and in every group setting where there is a distinct phenotype that distinquish one group from another, there is a leader that emerge with Divine Qualities and ability to inform, PROTECT, and guide the group through and around danger that will come to the Body life of the family group, and if not Divinely and Wisely dealt with, with the guidance of leadership, the group stand to be approached by those with intent to bring harm upon the family group.

    So where there is no Leader, The People Perish for the lack thereof.

    So it is an unwise statement to make, suggesting that Black People are not in need of Divine Leadership, such is the view of a believing Black people, even when Nature has so established that all distinct specie is in need of Divine guidance, to come from within their group.

    For instance the migrating birds do not fly without a leader.

    The Working Ants are in need of their Queen, take her away and the workers become a worthless wandering class, full of confusion, why?, because the WORKERS LEADER IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUNDED AND THE COLONY OF ANTS PERISH FOR A LACK OF DIVINE LEADERSHIP, AND IN THIS CASE, IT IS THE WORKER ANTS THAT ARE THE VICTIMS, BY MERE FACT THAT THEY NO LONGER HAVE A QUEEN TO REVOLVE AROUND.


    Profane Leadership is a danger, but Divine Leadership is a Protection from such profane danger, beloved.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Divine Thoughts

    Chief Elder
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    Leaders in marching and begging the government for help? no.

    Leaders in spiritual information to help oneself spiritually which will help you with what you need at the time and not want in order to be in with the rhthym and change of the nature planet and solar realm? Yes. Thats basically the most good I see from the internet.
    Otherwise it has just taken place of the phone.