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May 28, 2005
Divine Knowledge in nut shell

The divine knowledge exhibited by God is always true and infinite as said in the Veda (Satyam jnanam anantam...). The basic truth is very simple and can be presented briefly like this: “The absolute God being the creator of this space is beyond the spatial dimensions and is unimaginable. Such God gets Himself mediated through energetic form for the sake of souls existing in the energetic bodies in the upper world and such divine form is the energetic incarnation of God, which is relevant to the upper world only. Similarly, the same God is mediated in human form for the sake of souls in the human bodies on this earth and such divine form is called as the human incarnation. The main purpose of the mediation of God is to appear and talk with the devotees to direct them in spiritual path through clarification of doubts. The exhibition of His unimaginable powers through miracles is only to establish the basic fact that God is unimaginable. The duty of a devotee is to eradicate the ego and jealousy that resist the recognition of incarnation of God either here or in the upper world due to repulsion of the common media so that the right direction in the spiritual path can be always achieved by the soul. The creation is imaginable to the imaginable soul and is like the imaginary world of a soul to God. Hence, this creation is real and not imaginary to the soul. It is only imaginary to God”.

This is the divine knowledge in nut shell. Hence, the basic concept is finite in brief. But, the same divine knowledge becomes infinite when it clarifies the infinite number of doubts arising in the brains of the human beings of infinite number of generations. One should go through all these clarifications so that no doubt can come in his/her brain in future. When such full and infinite knowledge is assimilated, no preacher can confuse or trap his/her brain in wrong direction. The doubts are always new and hence, God takes up the new human incarnations continuously. The Veda says that the same single truth is explained by different human incarnations in different ways suitable to the then existing human beings (Ekam sat vipraah...). One human incarnation is not at all different from another human incarnation since the same absolute God exists in every human incarnation (Avibhaktam vibhakteshu... Gita). This statement should not be generalized to say that the same absolute God exists in every human being or living being. You can say that the same soul exists in every human being. The soul in every human being can be compared to the God in every human incarnation. Simile should be taken as simile only.

When your concentration is on the internal God, you will not bother about the external human form and in such case, you will not be disturbed by ego and jealousy. But, you must eradicate ego and jealousy, which hinder your worship or service to God through the external human form. You cannot see or talk or worship or serve the internal unimaginable God. Even when you want to serve a soul, which is imaginable but invisible to naked eye, you have to serve the external human form of that soul only. When you apply the perfume to a soul that alone can enjoy it, you have to sprinkle the perfume on the external skin of the body only. You are not erasing the skin with the blade of a knife and sprinkle the perfume on the internal nerves in which the awareness (soul) is pervading. Even there, you cannot sprinkle the perfume directly on the invisible awareness except to sprinkle the same on the externally visible nerves only. Therefore, the external medium is inevitable and cannot be avoided in the service. Only practical service blended with sacrifice can please God (Pari prasnena sevaya... Gita).

Such service can be done to the external medium only. Hence, the medium is unavoidable. Once, the medium comes in to the picture, the ego and jealousy come up. Therefore, if you concentrate on the internal God existing in the medium with full faith, ego and jealousy can be suppressed. Only clarifications through knowledge can give you the right direction. Therefore, when you are approaching another human incarnation, you are not leaving the God present in the earlier human incarnation. You are approaching the same God again existing in another human form. A person may be in red shirt today. Tomorrow, the same person may be in blue shirt. Does this mean that you have left the person, whom you met yesterday and approaching a new person today? The external human body is like the external dress as said in the Gita (Vaasaamsi jeernaani...).

The main fundamental problem with maximum gravity is to accept the human incarnation after identification. Changing one human incarnation to the other is not a big problem if the common God in all the human incarnations is understood. Inclination to study is important and changing the colleges is not that much serious. If the devotee is fixed to one external human form only as God, the concept of human incarnation is not fulfilled. Such a blind devotee becomes rigid and worships the statue or photo of such one human incarnation, which passed away. In such case, the devotee is as good as the person not accepting the concept of human incarnation. The person not accepting human incarnation is worshiping the statues or photos of the energetic incarnations of the upper world. This devotee is also worshiping the statues and photos of past human incarnation. What is the difference between that person not accepting the human incarnation and this devotee rigid to one past human incarnation only since both are worshiping statues or photos only? The result in both cases is one and the same. The rigid devotees of Krishna (ISKCON) accept Bhagavatam as the highest scripture. They do not understand the case of Jambvan, a bear mentioned in that scripture. Jambvan was worshiping Rama only even after His demise. The bear famous for rigid grip indicates the rigid blind ignorance regarding one particular human incarnation only. Hence, Jambvan did not recognise Krishna, the other human incarnation. Afterwards, Jambvan realised his foolish blind belief in one external human form only and accepted Krishna also as God even though the same past human body of Rama is not existing in Krishna since the same God exists in both the human bodies. When Krishna told that He alone should be worshiped, it applies only to the devotees existing in His time. It also means that only alive human incarnations should be worshiped to receive the right spiritual direction.

Moreover, Krishna did not say that people should worship the photos or statues representing His external body only even after His demise. In fact, Krishna told that He will be born again and again as per the necessity. Jesus also told that He will come again, which means that He will incarnate at any time as per the necessity. You cannot fix any time frame in the case of God. The main purpose of meeting God in human form is only to blast the basic knot of ignorance through clarification of doubts so that all the worldly activities cease since those are replaced by the activities of divine service because no soul can be absolutely inactive (tasmim drushteparavare).

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