Black Muslims : Divine knowledge in a nut shell & Certain verses in quran clarified.


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Mar 30, 2016
I RESPOND TO YOU, @dattaswami1 :

The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and peace on who follows The Guidance.
The mere titles of your essays inspired me to write to you.

The Apostle Paul (circa 200AD) taught the world that Allaah appeared in the person of Jesus Christ. To make the concept of "God" palatable to the masses he was addressing. That teaching has been maintained and intellectually fortified by the Catholic/Christian community, world wide.

Elijah Muhammad (circa 1900AD) taught a community that Allaah appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. To make the concept of "God" palatable to the masses he was addressing. That teaching within that community have been maintained and intellectually fortified up to this present day, year 2019, by a student of his: Minister Louis Farrakhan.

In the writing(s) of Datta Swami : states that Allaah appeared in the person of Prophet Muhammad.

Tell me, why is there not a verse in The Speech of Allaah wherein Allaah states that HE Appears in fleshly human form? Or any form whatsoever?

By Speech of Allaah, I mean The Scriptures that Allaah Says HE sent. Namely:
The Tawraah/Torah - Scribed by the hand of Moses
The Zabuwr/Psalms chapter 119 - Scribed by the hand of David (circa 200 years before the birth of Jesus The Messiah)
The Injiyl - Scribed by John (adherent of The Messiah Jesus) Revelation 1:1
The Qur'aan - Scribed by the hand of Ali, et al (adherent(s) of The Prophet Muhammad
The Suhuf - Scribed by the hand of Adam, Seth, Enoch, Abraham

One of The declarations of Qur'aan is that in it Allaah states that Qur'aan is Clear. What exactly do you attempt to clarify? Or, what are you attempting to make palatable? And to whom? Black Muslims? I must confess, I have been enrolled into the skin called 'Black' and I am indeed a Muslim. So I take what you have written personally which must be your intention, yes? Please, direct me to the verse that indicates, implies, suggests or simply states that Allaah appeared in the person of any form.

You mentioned Jesus The Messiah as having been killed and hands and feet nailed to a cross. Allaah in His own Speech states that The Messiah WAS NOT KILLED NOR CRUCIFIED.

Your swerve deeply afar from the definition and application of Jihad as taught by the words of Prophet Muhammad (hadeeth/hadiyth) (570-632AD).

First of all, Qur'aan DOES NOT mention the word Jihaad. The Qur'aan mentions the word " Harb " which means war. That matter is one of not knowing what the true difference and reference is between the two words; its root can be traced back to essays like you have written. You are speaking of war through the wrong word. All references of Jihaad must be traced back to The Prophet Muhammad, since he introduced the concept into the human stream of language. And his first declaration of Jihaad was " that which is mounted against the evil in one's own self/soul".
To harken to your own writings, Jihaad IS the removal of jealousy and ego from the psyche. Extremists and the intellectually handicapped have stretched the definition into physical combat.

A Muslim (nation or individual) has the sanction of war when the ability to offer worship to Allaah is compromised by outright oppression and active frontal suppression.
I notice you cite The Veda(s) to punctuate points you are making. However Allaah cites HIS Own Words to punctuate HIS Own Words.

You mentioned the advent of Islaam as WITH The Prophet Muhammad: as though 'his new religion' was to settle all of the idolatrous religions of that time specifically in THAT region. You are in error according to The Speech of Allaah, Al Qur'aan; as well as the words of The Prophet Muhammad as recorded in Hadeeth/hadiyth. Muhammad is ordered to Follow " Millatu Ibrahiym". The life of Muhammad was the crystallization of what Allaah taught to The Prophet Ibrahiym, which the world swerved away from INTO idolatry: All religions then and heretofore. Allaah has never sanctioned any other Way. Insofar as all religions, they would find correction in Qur'aan; for Qur'aan is no less than a message to ALL THE WORLDS.. Were The Qur'aan taught in this light, the light in which it was revealed, It would be seen as " The Universal" religion.
However it is not taught in this vein. Nor is it presented in this light. Most believe it to be an Arab or middle eastern religion brought to the world by an Arab named Muhammad ibn Abd'Allaah. Curious, since his Parents were Sudanese.

The Prophet Muhammad and a companion were talking. The Prophet Muhammad said: Who has the greatest Faith?
The Companion said, ' The Prophets !". Muhammad replied, " How is it they have Faith and they receive Revelation?
The companion then replied, " The Angels!". The Prophet replied, " How is it they have Faith and they are with their Lord? The companion then said, " Us, we who follow you O Messenger of Allaah!". The Prophet replied, how is it you have Faith and I am with you? The companion then said, " Allaah and His Messenger know best O Messenger of Allaah.
The Prophet then replied, " There are those to come that will have never seen me, but THEY WILL READ THE WORDS OF THEIR LORD AND TAKE FAITH FOR NO OTHER REASON. It is they who have the greatest faith and THEY are my brothers.

I beseech you as my brother, Brother... point out The Scripture of Allaah wherein Allaah has declared incarnation into flesh. Show it in any Scripture. And if you cannot, and of a surety you CANNOT, then seek refuge in the 112 chapter of The Holy Qur'aan. 19 simple Words which declare that Allaah does not incarnate into flesh and that there is NOTHING like/equal to HIM. There are no similes or metaphors for Allaah. Allaah specifically SAYS: Do not strike examples for Allaah, It is Allaah that knows and you (we) know not.
There are only HIS Names and their qualities that represent The Presence of Allaah for our Thinking, so that we may perceive Allaah with our Heart.

To you and those you love and who love you be Peace. May Allaah love us, forgive us and make us of Those Nearest to Him and increase us all in knowledge, for HE Knows Best.
Under no guise is it my intention to insult or offend you Brother. I seek to correct you and of course I stand to be corrected. So give it to me.

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