Chief Elder Osiris : Divine Imperative Or Moral Persuasion?

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    Divine Imperative Or Moral Persuasion?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are two forces pulling after the Black World and it is now the responsibility of Black so call Afrikans to know which is more to the need of Black People if there is to be Sanity to return to the Black World, because as long as Black People act insane toward knowing who we are, then there is no amount of Moral conviction that is capable of taking the place of what use to be Natural to Black so call Afrikan People and that Divine Reality of Nature is what Black People have been forced to not know any more, so we have come to settle for what is told to us to be Morally Correct instead of what is Divinely Real and True to the Divine Nature of Black so call Afrikan People, which is a Mind that is Natural and Divine, when in practice by the Children of our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Black Ancestors.

    When it come to the condition of the Black World, it is imperative that Black People come to realize that the way we have been taught to function in Life by the Human Beings Code of Morality, is a method of conditioning that the Human Beings have used to capture the Mind of a once Divine Black Being and the only way Black People will ever again experience the Knowledge of Understanding about the Divine Essence, (GOD) both Universe, and about our Divine Black Selves, is to come to know and realize that there are none upon this Planet that is qualified to interpret the Divine Meaning of the Divine Being Blackness, but other Divine Black Beings who have reconnected with our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors, those Beings who were there in the Physical Universe way before the birthing of the Solar System that we now occupy, and today it is the Black Afrikan Human Beings that are not qualified to Know and Understand the quality of Divine Information that is being Revealed today to The World about The Black World, the two Worlds that are Diametrically opposite to each other, but does not necessary need to be enemies of each other.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    Morality is a creation of the Human Beings for their World and anything the Human Beings have come to create, is by Nature Flawed, so when Black so call Afrikans attempt to recalibrate their Lives so that such a Life can comply to the Moral Codes of the Human Beings, it is such Black so call Afrikan Obedient to the Human Beings Creation that serve to remain a detriment to the Black World and the result from being obedient to the Human Beings way of Life is what you are now looking at today concerning the condition of Afrika and the Back Afrikan Nation, a Nation Divided and Ignorant of the Self of the Black so call Afrikans, we who now have converted to being Human and an agent of Lucifer.

    Beloved it is the Human Being Morality that sanction the destruction of the Black World Civilization, it was the Human Being that introduced their Religion to the Black World and caused the Black World to become Dumbfound about the Divine Theology that was introduced to the Black World in Waiting, and any Black so call Afrikan that carry a despise against the Divine Truth because it now has come and is revealing the Evil of the Human Beings and their Created Religion, carry not the Mind of our Divine Ancestors but is in awe of the Profane Mind of our Human Being Oppressors and you need to be singled out so the remaining Divine Black Beings can know you for what and who you are, which is no more than a hired lying assassin of the Minds of Black so call Afrikans.

    The forces of the Human Being Morality is an enemy to Nature, because any thing that come among you claiming to be superior than your Blackness and was successful in stealing away your knowledge and Understanding of the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and of your Black selves and took pleasure in Enslaving your Ancestors, they are no more than a People that has no shame in confessing to be a Born Liar and Deceiver and take pleasure in challenging the Divine Sacred action of Nature.

    For instance, it is the Human Being Morality that have the Black World making claim that there is no violation of Nature Work in proclaiming that there is no Natural Violation in action in advocating Same Gender Marriage and Intimacy, all because the Human Being has so declared that such action is not in violation of their Moral Codes of Social and Sexual Relation between the same Genders and have gone so far to give a name for those that choose to show respect to the sacredness of Nature in speaking out against such Human Being Moral acceptance, which is Homophobic, as if such a term carry a Divine Tag of condemnation against those that respect the Divine Imperative of nature, while insinuating that there is Justification in Violating the action of Nature performance in presenting the Duality of the Gender Opposite, commonly referred to as the WomgGender and the StaffGender ( the Human Being Equivalency to Woman and Man) and has a special role for them to perform with each other.

    The Human Being Morality is out to persuade the Black World that all that they do and teach is superior over everything our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors left for us to Know about the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and the Divine Black Being, we being a construct of the Divine Presence of the Perfect Night, out from which we come wearing Its Image and likeness, yet because of the conning of the Human Being and the Compassion of the Divine Being, the Divine Being lost our Mental virginity, having not known of a profane act of Evil.

    The Divine Beings, out from the Perfect Night we were formed and out from the physical Universe we did come to this Planet, coming with Divine Knowledge about the Divine Essence, about both Universe, and about our Shaded Selves, they brought a Theology that informed us in Symbols about our Universal Travel and of our Divine Relationship to those Elements, both Physical and nonphysical, they constituting the Divine Nature of Truth, Reality and Space and Motion, (Time) the Sanity of Nature with an action that send out a Divine Imperative which is in order to be able to know and Understand the Symbolics shared by our Ancient First Way Ancestors, we must be able to submit and recognize the Divine Imperative of Nature, which is that all things Divine must function in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Elements of the Divine Essence, making no attempt to alter, duplicate, nor create what Natures has so established to be the Divine Imperative of all Divine Things Natural, needing no such a creation of a Moral Standard of Persuasion, so created by the Human Being of and for this Profane Evil World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    Such Knowledge and Understanding Require a Divine Mind to Comprehend, which produce only a Divine Spiritual Imperative, the Gate Way Of Knowing What Is Divinely True And What Is Profanely a Lie.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]