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Jan 3, 2002
Divine Black Being, Child of the sun, ( god ) Afrikan, Child Of the Human Being ( Evil )

Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

Beloved It Is Time!!!

It is Time for the Children of the Sun, to know of the Root of Evil that came and stole their Divinity away and to this day, the people once known as the Children of the Sun and now is known as the Afrikan, has had no knowledge of whom they are descendants from, which cause the Afrikan to remain a loving and Docile Passive people toward those that took their Divine Virginity away from them and they are the Caucasian, Asian, Mulatto Asian, Assyrian, Greeks, Persians, Romans, and the ADMixture of the Ethnicity of all of those serving to be the Proper Ethnics that did invade the Holy Land of the Divine Children of the Sun, and did cause them to be no more seen as the Root of Divine Intelligence, those that First set foot upon this Planet Earth.

It is Time for the Truth be told to the Children of the Sun ( god ) and all Lies be Damned, that have been told about the Divine Black Man having no intelligence that needed to be respected and from those Lies came Confusion to the Afrikans, children of the Human Being and it is a Divine Given, What You Do Not Know, will cause you to believe everything you have been told by the Human Being, causing you to be not qualified to Know and Understand that which Is, and that which Is, must be Understood, in order for you to not fall under the spell of the Human Being, which only require for you to believe everything that will be told to you by that which is the antithesis of you, Black Divine Being, Child of the Sun god, whose name is many but is of the only ONE GOD, Darkness, The Divine Truth and Reality out of which all things reside, come forth, and return, and it is the Divine Black Being that is a child of the Trinity, it being Darkness, Stars, and Planets, in which reside the Elements, Soul, Mind, and Form, in which the Spirit is encompass within the Divine Truth of all things.

The Black Being is not a Menace unto itself, You are not the cause of your Misery that you now experience, even in the midst of such misery, the Divinity of the Children of the Sun is present and the attributes of that Divinity is always rising to become the Child of god which it is.

Beloved, you need only be told the Divine Truth about whom you Really Are and at the sound, the appearance of that Divine Truth, the Children of the Sun ( god ) will be reminded of whom you are and will then know what it is that happen to you and what it is you must do to rise again to the level of your Divinity, to the Black Divine Children of the Sun, do I speak to at this Time, of my Life, on this Planet call Earth.

The Black Children of the Sun, deserve nothing less than to be told the Divine Truth about whom you are and you deserve to enjoy the Highest Level of Life Living that is granted to you, by the Holy Darkness, ( Energy God ) and supplied to you by the Sun, ( energy god ) and did form you to know of the Greater Good that is a part of the Gift of Life, given to you, so let no one convince you that you are the cause of your Suffering, Divine Black Children of the Sun. The New Afrikan may be but you Divine beings are not.

Beloved, it is the Divine Being that is responsible for regaining control of Mother Afrika, Land of the Divine Black People, a people that know, and do understand the Theology of The Dark Energy God, the Universe, and Self, which require an expression of knowing the Mysterious Action of Darkness, Stars-Planets, and Life Beings, all operating under the caption of Divinity.


The Afrikan Human Being is the alter-ego of the Divine Black Being, the latter being the Children of the Sun and the former being the children of the Human Being, made so by the action used in the process of psychological transformation and through the act of amalgamation, thus you have in one, the Divine Being, they being that which is revealed by the GOD Of Darkness, the Energy of the Holy of Holies and the other is the creation of the Human Being, the King of Evil, and it is the Afrikan that act to the detriment of the Afrikan self, not realizing that there are only One Divine Being upon this planet, that being the Divine Black Being, and all else serve to the will of the Human Being, the antithesis to the Divine Black Being.

The Afrikan is the result of the Human Being approaching the Divine Beings and did take advantage of our Divine Black Ancestors Divine State of Mind, a Mind that did not entertain Evil and yet it was the Evil Mind that entertained them in their act of Lies and Deception, the result being the making of the Afrikan Human Being, those of us you are looking at today, in wonderment, at the way we now act and behave toward self and each other, Black people that have lost their Divinity and now take it to be normal for Black people to act as Human Being, full of self hatred, vain Ego, envy and Jealousy, behaviors expressed toward each other, taking on an anti-Divine continence that reflect a human Being that is not in control of their Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The Afrikan will not ever do what is required in order to regain control of the Holy Land, that which is now referred to as Afrika and the Children of the Sun, well we have lost our Divinity.

The Afrikan is now a prisoner of the Human Being Religion, which teach you to believe that there are none on this Planet Earth that is Perfect, thus never having experienced the Greater Good of Life on this planet and there is no greater Lie that has been told than that about God Gift of Life, to all things that Move.

A Being absent of Its Divinity is a Being enclosed within the Fetters of the Human Being, those being the antithesis to the Darkness of the Divine Being, it is the Human Being whom the Afrikan now serve and worship, now a Transformed Being, capable of doing the lowest of Evil against themselves, shouting in a rage, confessing to be a member of the Human Being Race, How Sad, How Pitiful, how Ignorant, how foolish has the Afrikan become and not have come to be an enemy to the Afrikan self, serving to be a hindrance to the Rise of the Divine Black Nation, but only as long as the Divine Beings remain silent.


Beloved, what type of Being other than a Human Being that is brave, arrogant,.foolish, ignorant, envious, Jealous, Liar, and Deceiving enough to confront the gods as the Human Beings did, an action that clearly show no respect for the Divinity God of Darkness, the One and most Powerful Energy that allow all things to be alive and those Things that Be, that is not visible in motion, to come and attempt to change the balance of Nature in Mankind, a Structure designed by The God of Darkness in the course of ITS Eternal Action, a work of Action that is present throughout every immeasurable calculation of Infinity, well I will tell you the nature of that Being and who it is, it is the Human Being of the Caucasian Race, they that did do so to our Divine Black Ancestors and act of deception, they being Children of the Sun-Star, the secondary god to the GOD Of Darkness, the God whom the Human Being Caucasian has succeeded in having you to believe that Darkness is Evil and the Caucasian, representing the illusion of Light is the good, stopping short of claiming to represent the Greater Good, because the Soul of Mankind is independent in action in all form and is the direct extension of GOD, which prevent the Greater Lie to be a worthy Challenge to the Greater Good in and of the Universe, making the Human Being not capable of deceiving continiously all Things, such was not ever meant to be, and will not be.

The Human Being has taken upon themselves to be a counter work to the Action of God Revelation, Production, and Presentation to the revealing of the Universe, which cause them to be a danger unto you, as well as unto themselves, having an abundant greed for power and position of Superior Dominance over the Anthropomorphous World, as well as the Elemental World and it is the Divine Being, before whom the Human Being know, that it is a lower standard in space that they occupy, to that of the Divine Children of the Sun, and they have vowed to keep the intelligence of Divinity subdued within the Divine Being, yet refusing to accept the fact that Divinity is of GOD and there is none equal to the challenge of God Eternal and Infinite Power, which show up the absurdity of the Human Being, in all of its action.

So, does this mean that all that does not wear the Divine Coat of Darkness is evil and Human, no it does not, let us not forget, that all that is a part of the Universe is of the Action of God Dark Energy and it is that Energy that IS the Soul of all Things and it is the Soul that is untouchable and not capable of being conquered, so it is the Soul that cause your Form to be and all that come with it, but the Soul does not serve as a dictator to that Form, that is why it give you a Mind capacity and a Spiritual Action, so that You the Form is guided by the action ( Spirit ) of the Mind and whatever Spirit you project, become your responsibility and yours alone to answer to, thereby experiencing the consequence of your Spiritual Action, yet the Caucasian can not rise to the level of Divinity of the Children of the Sun, just as the Planets can not rise to the Divine Level of the Sun-Star, ( god ) which is Lord and god of the Universal objects, which include all things Animate and Inanimate.


Here beloved is an Energy Action that Baffle the Mind of all that is not of a Divine Nature or desire to experience such a Divinity, we have been told so many Lies about the Soul and Heart, not being told the Truth that the Two are One and the Same, never to be a tangible entity to the Body Form, Just the Prime Energy at work, expressing different attitude of Action, based on the presence and action of the Mind, which I will explain its function later.

The Soul is GOD Energy Of Intelligence and such a Divine Reality has no special respect to Form nor of the Form phenotype.

The Soul provide all forms that are in and of the Universe with Information needed for those forms to Function and not how those forms are to function, because in actuality all things are alive and where there is Life there is Intelligence, regardless of what degree it is revealed, so all forms have the freedom to obey or disobey the Soul that serve to be the essence of the Form it reside in, and all form has a Mental capacity to receive the Soul Information being fed to the Body form Mind, and decisions made by that Body function is the action of the Mind of the body, and not the Soul.

So, let us just say we are going to concentrate on the Anthropomorphous Form of Beings and their capacity to become in Life, that which they originally are, Divine Forms, such being the result of GOD action, the form I say, and not the attitude and behavior that is made manifest by your Mental action, which become the Spirit of your Body, and the attitude and behavior you display is your responsibility alone, while revealing your body functional action.


Beloved.the Energy ( Soul ) within the Body, by its Powerful Divine Action, Incorporate by ITS Action what is referred to as the Mind, yet that Mind act independent to the Soul, yet is designed and is qualified to interpret the Divine Soul Intelligence ( Information ) and with that ability, the Mind has the Free Will to send what ever message to the Body it so Desire and Want, I use those two different terms of action to denote that the former indicate Divineness and the latter represent Sensuality, one requiring the action of the Divine Mind and the other expressing the Sensual urges, one allow you to See, Know, and Understand that which is True and Real, while the other allow you to Look and believe that which serve to be an illusion of that which is True and Real.

The Mind, the Master of the Body Form and so, as one Think / Believe so is the participant, so if you posses not the Divine Mind, then your Spirit can not reflect that which is Divinely True and Real, the same principle apply to Evil, if your Senses are in control of your Mind, then the Spirit that is made manifest and is controlled by the Sensual Body Urges, which is guided by sensation and not Divine Thought, one under control of the Sensual Mind and the other under the Guidance of the Divine Mind and in Divinity there is no Evil, so Evil is of the Sensual Mind, causing you to become what you sensual believe and what you Believe contribute to your evil action and it is belief that control the Human Being Religion.


Beloved, the Body is the innocent Temple which enclosed are those entities that is absent of being that of Matter, in other word, is intangible entities, yet operate by the power of the Soul and the body internal entities is the Soul, Mind, Action, ( Spirit ) which is the internal action being played out by the Body physical action, as it reveal the instruction coming from the Mind.

There is nothing Evil by the Body form, it only follow the instruction that come from the internal action that is enclosed within the Body form, because you See beloved, contrary to what the Human Being will have you to believe religiously about the body being shaped in evil and wrapped in a spirit that cause you to do immoral deeds to self and against all others, Evil and the deeds of Immorality is of the Sensual Mind and not the Divine Mind, a Divine Mind that teach you that the Body is the Temple, Housing one or the other that has to do with being Divine or Evil, the two can not occupy the same space ( Body ) at the same Time, yet the Soul remain Divinely Free from all such evil Spirit ( Action )


Beloved, again you have been lied to about this entity of not a Being, but what IS and IS is the Energy of the GODLY Darkness, that which allow you to be active in expressing your Desire or Want. allowed to be manifest in a Spirit that reveal the Action of your Mind, through the Spirit of action displayed by your body, in other word, Spirit is Action and Action is Energy ( intelligence ) and however we choose to express ourselves, the Mental capacity of the Trinity of You, the Body, they being the Self of Me and I, constituting the Body You, with the Mind of Self, Me, I, enclosed withing the innocence of your Body.

The Spirit Of Evil

Evil as Spirit is an Action of the Sensual Mind, which Guide the Body to act in such a way to cause Harm to Self and others, always harboring a want to do Harm to others and to control all else that is not of its Nature of intent, or want with uncontrollable passion, that which you do not need, which the Human Being cause to be perceive by others a false notion that self is Superior in the form of the Human Being, yet those with the Sign that reveal those that Truly are the Children of the Sun - Star ( god , Ra, Amen, Amon, Atum, Isis Osiris, Horus, etc ) that it was our First Way Ancestors who rendered to us Divine Beings, the Theology of the STARS, the Divine Representation of the Godly Holy Darkness, the only True Energetic Action that has no Ending and does extend into Infinity, yet as we See, Evil has its limited place, but only on the Level of Life and not at the Height of Divine Existence.


There has never been a weapon of Mass Destruction to be used upon a people that the Religious Weapon has been used against the Divine Children of the Sun, and unto this Day, the Remnant of our Divine First Way Ancestors, are experiencing the after schock from such devastation, so mush so until we now have been made to identify with our oppressors, a sure sign of there being a Psychological Damage done to the Children of the Sun, those that now refer to themselves as Afrikan Human Being and not Divine Black Beings and do so, the new made Afrikan become nauseated at the mentioning of being a member of a Black Nation, with the word Black, we have been condition to deny and denounce based on our oppressors teaching against such Profound Holiness, Darkness I speak of.

The Human Being Religion came and transformed an entirely Divine Black Nation, succeeding to get them to denounce their First Way Ancestors Theology about God, Stars and our Black Selves, in exchange for a made up God that have all of the Features and Attributes of the Caucasian Human Being, a Religion that so hypnotized the Children of the Sun to the Extent we now no longer posses the Divine Love for Self, which prevent us from having such Divine Love for Godly Darkness, and the Stars, yet there are some Black Beings that are striving toward achieving our Divine state of being again, knowing of a Black Theology long lost and forgotten, yet here it is and we are, at this Time of the Black Life, being Resurrected by those you know not and because of such an ignorance, it cause you to ignore the Divine Truth and Reality that is being shared with you about that you Lie about now Loving and serving, a God introduced to you that utter Demands and Commands that serve to " HIS " benefit, how foolishly mixed with sadness, and pity mixed with ignorance, is the once Divine Black Children of the Sun and now Afrikan Human Beings, has become, and you wonder why the Burden of despair rest upon your Afrikan Back ?

Beloved, keep denying your First Way Ancestors Theology and Evil will remain to camp at the door step of your Human Being Mind, because Religion is designed and created for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to keep the Children of the Sun under the Human Being Control, because Religion control, while the Black Theology Free the Divine Mind to Know and not believe all that is told about your Black self, Universe and the Perfect Night. ( Energy GOD )

Beloved, those of you who have made it to this point of my sharing of the Divine Truth, I know you must be weary by now, so I will pause at this Time and allow you to rest until I am told to proceed from this point, therefore I will not end with my usual closing and just inform you:

Here Is Loving You

Chief Elder
FWIOAM / SRM, please visit if you so desire.
Beloved, those of you who have made it to this point of my sharing of the Divine Truth, I know you must be weary by now, so I will pause at this Time and allow you to rest until I am told to proceed from this point, therefore I will not end with my usual closing and just inform you:

Here Is Loving You

Weary? Not at all.

Will be waiting patiently for your return.

"Here's to Loving You":couple:
to the honorable

your writing is like an eloquent breath of fresh air.
i also had the pleasure of being around some great afriqan people.
gordon parks, the honorable minister louis farakan, kwesi nfume, dead prez, roots, ellen sirleaf johnson, condaleeza rice?, several nuwaubians and more.
iwould love to attend one of your lectures. i live in tuscaloosa, alabama. please inform me of your closest visits.

thank you

sha'iyn (Shane)

p.s. your vocabulary is exceptionally well however, the font and spacing tends to wear your readers out faster. although, i was perfectly comfortable reading your article, i just wanted to assist in any way possible. i feel ashamed to give advice to such an accredited person. please take no offense.
Chief Osiris request: Beloved Isis, I attempted to respond to this writer on Destee but was refused, will you assist in posting my reply.

Here Is Loving You

My Beloved Sha'iyn

Beloved, no offense taken, I am more concentrated on sharing the Divine Truth to our People, yet if my method of communicating is some what challenging, then I stand to be corrected without offense taken, it is just that is not a major concern of mine, that is if I am being understood of that which I share with you.

I remain Humble before you and will appreciate any correction that will cause the Divine Truth to become more enticing.

Here Is Loving you

Chief Elder
Beloved Precious and treasured cargo Sha'Yin::luvv: :luvv: :luvv:

I notice you indicating an interest in attending a Lecture by Chief Elder Osiris, if ever he is in your vicinity, let me say this to you beloved,you are among the Rare of Black People that recognize the Depth of Divinity in Chief Elder Missives.

Most Black Intellectuals are afraid of the Divine Truth that Chief Elder is sharing with us, or is it that our Ego and Jealousy will not allow us to acknowledge this Divine Black man, he who once had close relationship with Minister Farrakhan.

I guess my point is this, if you desire to hear Chief Elder Lecture in person, then You will have to be the one to get the ball rolling and sponsor Chief Elder in your area, by inviting him to Speak, other than that, we get what we can from Chief Elder in his Saturday Night Class on Destee, yet Chief Elder has told us that he will not say what he really need to say to us over this form of communication.

I am Chief Elder National Representative, If you desire to respond, I am available to you.

Here Is Loving you/Afrika:luvv: :luvv: :luvv:


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