Black Poetry : DISS TO BURT BLAZE #2

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    You can’t romance or clap plus you can’t advance your rap
    Boy your whole stance is crap in HIP HOP lost need a map
    Yu write dumb quotes when it comes to folks I dominate
    With satisfaction but need to compensate for your action hate
    Is all you got dude, as a kindergartener you need a new gender
    And partner ***** ***, you perform like a fouled out spark plug tender
    Art of a fart scrub in the park you rub ***** ****** go ahead and surrender
    You can’t win but then again talk is all I hear while you walk in fear
    You slop soft not boss you’re a mini-skirting he to a certain degree here
    The milk in your girl’s breast spill but you don’t possess skill enough
    To suck them you a dumb about sex **** you like can’t please her stuff
    Boy worse than PREYING MANTIS this trick concentrates on my dick
    Instead of the chick in the writing yall both a pissy sissy cum too quick
    You should begin with style removal just to win the approval of a slick
    HIP HOP judge, just a freak **** that can’t keep up with the times your Bic
    Stop writing, you need ballistics and teachers to learn the characteristics
    And feature to complete and try to delete me your rhyme crooked so twist it
    This rude diss include a list of punch lines for you to eat at lunchtime dang
    Do you want punch or wine? This fake wears bling but can’t sing in slang
    Or blow a horn you flow is scorned you couldn’t grow corn with Miracle
    Grow you not lyrical hoe