Discovery Health & Fitness Challenge.. Join Me!!!!

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    :ref: Hey family..
    Discovery channel has for the 2nd year in a row presented americans with the fitness challenge.
    Starting jan.14-Mar11 they will be giving anyone who signs up a free 2month membership to ballys total fitness and.. an online meal planer.. complete with recipies.. a exercise journal.. and more! Join me.. in this fight agains the fat..
    Ive started a group called, and im looking for all who have the time and energy to take avantage of this special offer..
    Last year I personally lost 20lbs in a month..
    its gunna be hard.. but relax:massage: we can do it!

    :lift: Renee has invited you to join the National Body Challenge Friends and Family group. The Discovery Health Channel's National Body Challenge is a FREE, eight-week, comprehensive online fitness and weight-loss challenge. Open to individuals, groups and families, it provides the tools to get in shape, shed extra pounds and adopt a healthier lifestyle, and the flexibility to make the right choices for your nutrition and fitness needs.

    Included in this entirely FREE online Challenge are:

    • Customized meal plan :chef:
    • Personalized weight & activity tracker
    • Expert weight loss and healthy lifestyle information for individuals of all ages
    • Over 200 great tasting recipes
    • And more!

    Email me at [email protected],
    or leave a message on this board with your email address.. so i can send you all an invite link!!! I cant wait... destee said last night we should be doing more..
    this is only the beginning... lets do it together! :swim: :climb: :weights: :cardio: :run:

    Tell one tell all.. :gossip:
    I can invite your friends as well.. if you need added support...
    this will be a friends and family sorta deal! So whatcha watin on?:

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