Brother AACOOLDRE : Discoveries in Theology Vs. Math & Science

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    By Andre Austin

    When people make discoveries in Math and science they get a Nobel prize, media recognition and support from the community. However, discoveries in the religious department depending on its obedience with orthodox standards and belief can bring down a storm of ridicule or wave of silent treatment.

    We celebrate Sir Isaac Newton for inventing calculus and place him and others on a pedestal of renown. Additionally, lets take Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), who wrote the famous Principles of Mathematics in 1903 with Alfred Whitehead. His thesis was that “All forms of mathematics and mathematical analysis could be expressed through the principles of symbolic logic”.

    I did a similar operation in the field of religion with a thesis and hypothesis that the term “Lukewarm” was symbolic of an Egyptian Goddess Tefnut being a personification of Justice, balance and Equilibrium. I did the same as Russell. I just decoded symbols of abstract ideas of expressions of religious theology of conveying a particular function. A symbol reveals to the mind a reality other than itself revealed in spiritual data that can be compared with the pagan to the so-called orthodox. Instead of using symbolic logic in math I used it in religion.

    Symbols can change just like criminals switching their aliases names a dozen times. For Example: Tefnut was symbolic of the Tree of Knowledge in the Old Testament and many clues, analogies and allusions were given in Chapter 3 of Revelations to its original form.

    There is no rainbow at the end of this clear discovery and contribution to the field of Religion. I get no fellowships, no Book advances, no grants or funds from any philanthropic organizations. If I was still in college my research would fulfill all the requirements of a Doctoral thesis or a Dissertation at any University. And part of that requirement is to simply advance a new thought that nobody else came up with. Way back in the 1940’s Martin L. King was in college writing papers on the influence of pagan religions on Christianity and he was right. I’m just decoding some of their symbolism and allowing the chips to fall down while all the critics are caught behind the eight ball.

    Notes: Be fully aware that this discovery with others I have aren’t a fluke happening or depending on chance or accidentally stumbling upon successful comparisons of pagan and Christian thought. My discoveries came about due to emerging myself into logic, and deep deductive inferences. This is not a fluke and to prove my point here’s an outline of other discoveries.

    1. In the Letter of Jude the Venus (Lucifer/Morning star) is talked about in the same manner as Pliny the Elder in his Natural History. I then assumed the letter was in reference to Titus and Vespasian who were deceased at the time and claimed descent from Venus.

    2. Lukewarm is symbolic of the Egyptian goddess Tefnut who was a personification of Maat, justice, balance, equilibrium and the tree of knowledge of Good & Evil.

    3. In the works of Flavius Josephus Bar Matthias, known in the NT as Joseph of Arimathea who wrote three short stories in Book 18 of The Antiquities of the Jews that were all fictional and based in part of ancient Egyptian stories. I also find it amazing that all three stories run side by side and have hidden links and symbolism of the Donkey/calf with kings and messiahs.

    A. The Introduction and carrying of effigies/images of Caesar in a failed attempt to subvert Jewish laws was in part based on a conflation/composite of the Golden Calf story in Exodus 32 and the story of the slaying of Men by Hathor, a cow goddess in ancient Egypt. We know the image of Horus was carried in two Niles in Exodus 32 its north/south and current of water in Josephus its carried back from Jerusalem to Cesarea. Both peoples are stiff-necked first to disobey the law in Exodus then willing to stick neck out to obey the law. The strapping of the sword on side (Exodus 32:27 is the equivalent of the those carrying daggers under garments in Josephus.


    The Testimonium Flavianum was written to link up as a second version of the story of a Greek sacrificed in a Temple and being substituted with the head of a Donkey at his birth in a mange, (a box of hay for Horses or calves), and death on the cross. Also see Flavius Josephus Against Apion Book 2. Please note this latter story is based on in part on Aesop’s The *** Carrying the Image. Recall in the first story we have Caesar introduction of his image which relates to a Calf/Cow story in Egypt.

    C. Last but not least we have the story of Decius Mundus pretending he’s Anubis so that he could have sex with Paulina & Fulvia who were symbolic of Mary and Elizabeth who in turn were based on Isis and Nephthys ( called Lady of the House). Isis is the Cow goddess with birth being associated with a manger box in Luke but in the House of bread in Matthew. Anubis (John the Baptist) leaps in the Decius Mundus story just like he leaps in Malachi 4:2 and feet walks on wicked being part of the Righteousness ring like James & leaps in Luke 1:44 and being associated with a “Horn” (Luke 1:69;79). Osiris (apis the bull) has sex with Nephthys thinking she is Isis giving birth to Anubis. Set who image was a Donkey plays father to Anubis but Isis plays the role of Anubis mother too. For these reasons we can switch Donkeys/Calves between Anubis and Horus. We know that mules are sterile so with Elizabeth/Nephthys both being barren with husbands symbolic of a Donkey with this being seen as a miracle satire and parody of the Romans. Isis giving birth to a son with a man’s cut off penis by transforming herself into a bird and flapping wings to generate wind (holy spirit) just like the Wind went up Mary’s womb. Jesus death associated with the price of a Donkey head and anointing oil during a famine see 2 Kings 6:25 & Mark 14:5.