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Aug 28, 2015
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Interview with Melody Boykin, founder of Black Fashion Week USA.

The misrepresentation of African Americans in the fashion industry has been overlooked for decades. Though a number of reasons can be stated for the lack of diversity in the US fashion industry, a number of Black people have been able to overcome these challenges and make a name for themselves; one can talk of Edward Wilkerson, who is the creative director of Lafayette 148, a multimillion dollar fashion label, and Jay Z and Russell Simons who at some point in their careers, have ventured successfully into fashion.

Melody Boykin launched Fashion Week USA to serve as a platform for African Americans to showcase the rich designs and clothing to Black audiences across the country. Today on your voices, she talks to us about her inspiration in setting up this fashion event and how she’s using Black Fashion USA to bring the worldwide exposure that Black fashion designers deserve.

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