Black Poetry : DIRTY SHAME, (is it a game 2)


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I've lived wit this woman for all these years
gave me joy , pain and flooded streets of tears
Don't get me wrong, she near the "top"
yet a woman who forgot to keep it hot !

I'll love her always and forever
even though she keeps me under the weather
won't share what i call her sweet treasure
make me wanna pull off this leather

Her work is steady home each day
always in play while my heart is away
yet we are still this day, nightly as we lay
but she like a big lump of hard clay

She didn't love me right
just fuss and wanna fight
but her sway was hooked all tight
kept me thinking one day she might

She like a perfect picture painted on da wall
and sometime she absolutely nothing at all
keep my love and affection on call
but she know my name not paul

she a seasonal worker this i now know
her love shut down when my drive wanna (flow)
i get nothing done not even a feel
just a blank air sandwich for my sex meal

We don't get much done throughout the week'
this woman won't loose not an ounce of sleep
but she knows how to keep my jones weak
i'm tired of this bleep' bleep' cause bleep' bleep'

After so long wit her round this place
i learn to relax and ignore her face
but yet she all up in my space
i mean what da ffffff what a waste

I just wanted to crunch crunch
lick dip and munch munch
i declare she not my lunch
when i see the redline punch
this woman to say her name ouch ouch !!


Jul 2, 2003
On and off like light switch love

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