Brother AACOOLDRE : Dilemmas in the 21st Century

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    The dilemmas of the 21st century is the breakdown of family cohesion, the disseminations and digestion of drugs and no practical educational skills in our communities. Plus, a lack of unity, a plan and a vision perpetuates these problems.

    When I was a teenage Young Buck (a slave terminology) I carried a gun on my hip side because I thought it was cool to be a black cowboy in my self made concrete jungle. I’ve now replaced the heater with a flashlight in my holster because I woke up. When your in the dark your ignorant and inflict self destructive problems on your self. Now I have the light of awareness and see the political, spiritual, social and economic struggles in society.

    Living in America our society still practices the skin game. If your name sounds African-American on a resume or in a pre-employment telephone interview your might have a problem obtaining a job. A white high school drop out still has an advantage of a black who has some college credit. Its not level playing field. Society practices a defensive medicine technique for white folks while an excluding 70 thousand plus blacks who die annually through negligence because of their color. But we still have an uproar over one white cop killing a single black in a single incident. In 1980 more black men in college than in prison and within 20 years it reversed and the tables turnt. Hollywood and the music industry glorifies prison and thug life. And when I was young I called myself and others N’s and B’s and replaced it with bros and sis. I’m a grown man now and I’m embarrassed at blacks and whites who use the N word.

    Now we do not have to live like this. We can turn in our guns with some sunlight. A little bit of unity and self help and we can take some layers and degrees off a quasi- imposed spiritual hell on earth. Race matters and family matters too. One of the top ten indicators of poverty is children’s parents lacking a marriage certificate. Parents surrender their children to schools and day cares without reading to them, buying them books or educational toys and expect a miracle performance from teachers. The arch enemy of literacy is television addition and the misappropriation of household money. We are morbidly obsessed with entertainment being drained by an outside supply and demand. We are spiritual dead in a valley of tombstones because we don’t know the history and development of religion and how we fit into it. The census 1890 reported nearly 24 thousand black churches and by 1906 there was 33 thousand. But has the sermon made progress since then? In black history month, we lack knowledge of self which is a perquisite to a bridge of self-esteem and self-confidence. I once read some Slave testimonies and noticed the boss used to hire out slaves to work off the plantation. Some slaves made $4 dollars a week and had to bring back three to the boss with the threat of being skinned and whipped within an inch of their lives. I wonder if things have changed? Answer: in name only. Today we work just to turn our money over to somebody else.

    If I was a grading teacher the mainstream would get an abstract C+ (75%) and the rest of the 25% would be symbolic of discrimination and all of its cousins. A collective unity of pooling our resources together in the Black community would deal with the unemployment and other problems in which the reaming 25% represents. We must be responsible with wanting to partnership with society in solving problems and not expecting institutions and individuals to do everything for us. Back during Dubois time he had his talented tenth (10%) and now we got ours. Dubois prognosis the problem as a “Color line” of racism and now we have still have racism and self inflicted self-destructive behaviors and attitudes. All whites aren’t racist and I see a struggle of a symbolic 25 percent.

    Unity is a solution to the above dilemmas. We have the power and we have to convert a portion of our treasure in Sports, Entertainment and upper class movers and shakers into a national family affair program of self-development.