Black Education / Schools : Difficulty..17y/, decisions, decisions...HELP

Discussion in 'Black Education / Schools' started by Nubian One, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Hello all!
    Hopefully all is well. Umm, I guess I just wanted to say a lil about myself, get something off my chest and get a lil feedback.

    I'm currently a high school senior and I have 4 months of school left. (Thank GOD!). I'm pretty excited about graduating.. but aside from that the purpose of this thread is to talk a lil on my future collegiate expierence.

    I'm from Philadelphia and I've applied to schools in or near to Philly. The application process is very tideous, but thankfully that was over by November (04). Anywhoo, I applied to 8 colleges and I have heard from 7 of them. I'm still waiting for the last one. I'm not too concerned w/ that because i was accepted to the 2 schools I really really had my mind set on. I've been going to Interviews and takign tours of the campuses of these 2 schools. I'm its really hard to make up my mind.

    I was attracted to these 2 school in particular because of the size. I attend a very very small hs of about 250 students. The whole senior class is 58 students. I really like to small, close knit community and wanted that in college. I have made several pro-con lists w/ boths school but I honeslty can't make a decision.

    My mother has HER mind made up on school A. I'm sorta stuck in b/w school A and school B. At times it seems as if I'm leaning towards one more than the other, but in the end I'm still stuck in the middle. I want the next 4(+) years of my life to be meaningful. I don't wanna live w. ANY regrets. I love my mother dearly but I can't stand how she's sorta tryna focus me on School A.

    All in all i just wanna make sure what I do whats best for me. I don't want my decision to be based on ANYONE but myself. At 17 years of age, its hard not to listen and take into consideration everything ppl has to say but .. Its truly difficult.

    but I guess thats just life. No one said this would be easy.. I guess All i can do now is pray and hope that God is in whatever desicion i make.. and that He'll lead and guide me through all things.

    I need some advice, siggestions, words of wisdom.. SOMETHING.. I'm distraught


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    Nubian One:
    What are the characteristics that you like/ dislike about the schools you're considering? What is on your pro/con lists?
    When I went to college, I also wanted to go to a smaller school where I thought there would be a close knit community. I transferred to a much larger school after my 2nd year because my first school was just too small for me. No matter where you go, you will find a group of people who will become your friends--even on a bigger campus. And a bigger campus will offer you more and greater opportunities for many things. If you're worried about being distracted by so many things going on, keep in mind that people also get distracted when there is not enough to do (that's part of what happened to me), and you need recreation/ distraction sometimes. Also keep in mind that on a smaller campus, if, for some reason, you don't get along with or fit in with a group right away, you might have some problems. The beauty of a big campus is, there are so many people there, you're bound to find some who you mesh with. If class size is you concern, introductory classes in most subjects are big classes. If you're paying attention, you'll do fine, and if you struggle, go speak with the professor, they pay attention to the people who seek them out. As you get more advanced and further along your chosen course of study, the classes will thin out anyway. And after the first semester, once you get used to college life, you probably won't notice anyway. You sound like you're pretty focused and will be able to maintain your focus. I don't mean to discourage you in any way from your choices, but these are things that I wished people had pointed out to me before I went to school.
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    i go am a soph at a smaller school of emory. i did not want to come here. i wanted to go to a nice larger school in nj. but moms was buggin. i am happy i decied to stay and go to school in ga- it is much closer to moms- and as much as we try to say college is to get away from our parents- we still need them. i hate that my school is so small sometimes- but the homeyness is a good thing. and its comfortable. think about everything- i mean u can always transfer.- but do a weekend visit- go up to the school and chill. ull kno what is needed