Black Relationships : Difference in Treatment Based on Number of Partners

No I was implying there is a difference between the two [freak and whore]

I see... thanks for getting back to me.

Were the bolded parts your own idea or were you somehow influence to come to these conclusions you have come to...

Some men are lame in the game...
I know this question is for men and it should have probably been placed in the Brother's Forum
but I will say this...
A whore is a whore REGARDLESS if she gets paid for sex or gives it up for free to a whole bunch of men...It's one thing to enjoy sex and are just a straight up freak, that does not mean you have to give it up to numerous men...That to me is just low-self esteem and no self-worth.
I mean, I love sex...But if it comes down to it then I will have a sex plurals.
You can value sex, but first you need to value yourself and your hoochie coochie.
A women is a queen not a sex slave, and thus men should not be able to have her whenever he pleases but must desire her from afar and earn the goodies.

Greetings Sista Workinprocess...

Let me first ask if your thread is intended for a certain age group...To me it does sound like it is intended for a very young group. Meaning that most young folk havn't had time to get overly involved in sex. Thereby being able to put lables on things and the way others handle themselves. Speaking as an elder, we all have had multible sex partners ..mainly because of our time frame. Men and Women. It doesn't make us good or bad. It makes us human. We all have needs and wants. And yes I do live in the moment. I don't have time to live in the past her's or mind.

Now do I see a person that I'm with as a possible mate..if she's having multible partners? Of course not!! First of all if the person is honest and open, we would have discuss that and both know what is expected of each. And I wouldn't ask something of her that I wasn't able to do myself. Now if she is not able to act accordingly that would be my que to give her, her space and let her continue on her way. That might be called being old fashion...but it works for me. Beside I like my peace. lol lol lol. Two's company, three or more is a parking lol

As far as looking at a gold digger? Well let's just say she better be willing to dig in her paurse and spread the gold around this way some. Wow!!! did I say that? Things just ain't the way they used to be are they? lol lol. Sure I'll open the car door for you...take you to dinner, a concert..sorry we're not doing the movie thing....I can see them for free right lol. But sometimes I'd like to be spoiled myself. So turnabout is fair play for me.

So again me being an elder I really don't sweat the small stuff, what folk are thinking, what folk are saying. Did I hear somebody say "life is too short"....nawww life is's just what you make of it plain and simple. And by the way, You're never to old to really, really ,Oh and did I say Really enjoy sex...."Bet you wish you hada met a freak like me" lol lol

I see... thanks for getting back to me.

Were the bolded parts your own idea or were you somehow influence to come to these conclusions you have come to...


Those are my ideas and those of others (mostly men)...If I am going to be convinced that a woman is a whore it's based solely on what most men have told about how they view these women...If a woman sleeps with numerous men, whether it's for cash or not, do you think most men are going to treat her the same if she didn't?

Now okay I'ma put my business out here a little...I don't sleep with a whole bunch of guys...Hell, some days I wonder if it's because I have a low libido or something...but anyways, men in this area that I am in that know me don't treat me like a whore or ****, they are pretty nice to me and are hardly ever disrespectful to me...But these same men talk about chicks who sleep around and clown them and laugh at how easy they were and then dogged them out, and sometimes straight to their face. My "friend" just got slapped by a dude last week, and everyone knows this chick sleeps around and will sleep with a married man...and she admits it...She got preggers and didn't know who the dad was...She slept with my other friend's husband and then bragged about it in her face....And this chick don't get paid...Now, is this girl a "whore"? Or is there another title that she should be given?

Obviously the part about myself choosing to have a "Sex Buddy" (singular) is my idea and decision.


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