Black Relationships : Difference in Treatment Based on Number of Partners


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Feb 14, 2010
to hear the thoughts of men on the subject of women who have been with many men sexually. Recently I was engaged in a discussion with a few friends of mine and the topic of women who have had multiple partners came up.

Most men, (not all) openly discuss how many women they have had and they don't get ridiculed for being with many women sexually. The flip side of this is, if a man has slept with multiple women, how is it that women are not doing the same thing?

The women who have slept with multiple men, should they be considered bad women, women who are incapable of settling down with one man, or should a man even consider her?

Women are usually accepting of a man who has been with many women sexually but if a woman has had many partners, men usually don't want to give her a chance.

How is it that a man who has slept with many women can be forgiven and redeemed, yet a woman can't?

A friend of mine who is a guy told me that a woman is a whore if she is a gold digger or a woman who will only sleep with a men for money. The thing is, he is a good brother but he would be considered broke according to the kind of money he brings in and the kind of employment he has. My point is, I am not sure if his comment was bias. I am not sure if he is just angry at the women who choose not to get involved with him because in terms of finances he is less fortunate.

He also said that a women who have slept with many men and wasn't paid for it is not a whore or gold digger, she is just a woman who values sex as much as any man could and would and as a free uninhibited woman, that is her right.

I am curious to hear what the men really and truly think of this situation....

Some men are lame in the game...
I know this question is for men and it should have probably been placed in the Brother's Forum
but I will say this...
A whore is a whore REGARDLESS if she gets paid for sex or gives it up for free to a whole bunch of men...It's one thing to enjoy sex and are just a straight up freak, that does not mean you have to give it up to numerous men...That to me is just low-self esteem and no self-worth.
I mean, I love sex...But if it comes down to it then I will have a sex plurals.
You can value sex, but first you need to value yourself and your hoochie coochie.
A women is a queen not a sex slave, and thus men should not be able to have her whenever he pleases but must desire her from afar and earn the goodies.
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