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Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Keita Kenyatta, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Keita Kenyatta

    Keita Kenyatta going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER

    Feb 7, 2004
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    There may not be many of us who study the differences between black and white people from a psychological or cultural perspective in order to fully understand "the differences in how we think and behave" but it has been done by many of our scholars as well as myself. I therefore want to lay this out before I say what I'm about to say.

    When we read or hear about certain acts socially taking place, we automatically have a "knowing within ourselves" if the person who did it was black or white...and the reason we have this knowing is because we already know that there's simply certain things that Black people don't normally do. Like how often if at all do we read about a black person killing everybody in the family and then taking himself out?...or how often do we read about a black person going back to the job he was just fired from and killing everybody?...or what about a black person who just lost all his money on Wallstreet investments going home and blowing his own brains out? These are not Black actions because "these are not Black thoughts." Imagine reading about a Black man or Woman involved in a child porno ring? That would just blow our minds.

    What has been discovered is that white people have what we call a "Linear thought process" and that Black people or people of color have a "conceptual thought process". What does this mean? It means that if this was a horse race, our horse would simply be a horse racing and theirs would be a horse racing also but it would have the blinders on both sides of the horse so that the horse can only see straight in front. That is as simple as I can make this example right now.

    What does this mean? It means that we will learn music on our own and "conceptualize the sounds and possible notes for what we do". White people will have to learn timing and what notes go where and music theory, etc before they feel as if they can create something that of course must be written down. This linear thought process goes all across the board. When it comes to dates, laws, structures, economics or even history itself.

    Now I mention all of this because, and I want to be specific on this; Ms. Cherry Blossom thinks and acts like a white person to the degree that I am quite sure she is white, regardless of what she says.

    Black people are not "sticklers for law, structure or order but you are. Sure, we know the structure, we know the laws and we know the order but our nature is flexible to the degree that those things are never in the fore front of our minds or being....furthermore we tend to be flexible even with those things because our natural thought process and culture is that way." Even with Obama it is evident because he is the first President who smokes, who uses the internet and who can't let his cell phone alone regardless of the security factors white people keep throwing in his face about it.

    White people however are so structured and rigid in their linear thinking that "they move and think on the letter of the law". Only they would come to a site like this and then choose to be conscious of "when everyone's birthday is or everyone's anniversary is or to do the research into threads to the degree that she has. Her entire behavior and thought process since she has been here is of a white woman or linear thought process, which of course is cultural and historical.

    There are certain things that you, me or anyone else is not going to say to Black people...male or female, cause we know the reaction no matter how small or big it will be. A Black man or Woman simply has certain things about our nature that " we are going to address personally...no ifs, ands or buts about it. That's simply who and how we are.

    Now a white person in the same boat will do exactly as Ms. Cherry Blossom did; "I'm going to the proper authorities about you young man!...or, "your supervisor will hear about this" or, did anyone call the police yet. This is the white mentality and linear thought process in action which she has demonstrated also. These actions for Black people would be a last resort after we done tried our way first!! We don't laugh about it and then report somebody!! That ain't who we are or how we behave.

    My gut and observation says *******, *******, ******* all day long trying to perpetrate like they black!! They ain't the first and won't be the last.!!!....ooops, I'm sorry, we suppose to love everybody, right?....Darn! Well on that note I just want to say this....cause obviously somebody wants me to be better than and do more than their own Jesus did and I'm not feelin that at all!!

    1. We shun and run from the truth when their book via Jesus tells them that;
    "There is nothing hidden that shall not be known or revealed". Yet when it is revealed and it runs counter to their conditioning you, we or anyone doing the revealing is taken to be something close to the ANTI-CHRIST.

    2. We want to love everybody and can not discern or shun those among us who mean us no good...and yet the very Jesus they claim to follow and believe in clearly lets them know that; " He did not come to bring peace but a sword. He came to turn the father against the son, the daughter against the mother..etc."...yet we are expected to somehow be better than the very Jesus they claim to believe in....meaning; "Don't do as Jesus did"....be better than Jesus!

    Yet when we, you, I or anyone else comes along "doing the very same thing that their Jesus who they claim to believe in said that he came to do"...we are again viewed as something close to the ANTI-CHRIST...and the only thing that can possibly turn family members against each other is the truth or the revealing of what has been hidden....which they are making so very clear that they do not want to hear.

    3. So are "All Black brothers and sisters my brothers and sisters?" Hell To The No!! Would all these black brothers and sisters have been the brothers and sisters of their so called prophets that they claim to believe in? Hell to the No!!..for it is their so called prophets who informed them that: "My Brothers and Sisters Are Those Who Believe As I Believe"....but I'm told to be better than Jesus was.

    But once again, we, you, I or anyone else who comes along speaking as their prophets spoke is somehow viewed as something close to the ANT-CHRIST. At least we, you, I or anyone else is not doing as their so called prophets did that they believe in...cause their prophets was were physically taking off heads with their swords. And for those who believe in Jesus,then let me say this; Based upon the book you call the Bible Jesus was fighting against them white people back then but I get all beat down for continuing the same fight against the same people who are still doing now what they were doing then....but we love everybody, right? Now what's wrong with that picture!???

  2. MRS. LADY


    Dec 3, 2007
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    to seek truth
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    Good Morning Brother Keita!

    I find this to be very true.

    Culturally and Socially as well.

    From my own experiences... being a basketball playa.... even the styles of play fall into what you have outlined...

    When I went to catholic school and played ball there the game was organized.. with program'd plays and a stratedgy... I didn't particularly care for it... pass right.. pick left... cut through....

    But when I transfered and played with the girls I grew up with at the boys and girls club we literally made it happen... created the plays as we went along... if u were open we passed it... we didn't....

    it was more frustrating tryin to please the coach by remembering plays then to just do what came naturally...

    one was psychological and linear....

    the other was all talent and creativity....

    that's not to say that there were not any linear minds that could get down with us... it was really based on what hood you were from, and where ur skills developed...

    the education system designs minds that are based on psychology....

    and that can never understand creation or concepts.... it's too scientific...


    Ma'at Hotep Brother

    and with regard to cb.... the truth is ur being u.... no one can fault u for that.....

    on the other hand regardless of whatever culture she fits into it is just plain tacky and classless to speak of a mans' family in a disrespectful rhetoric no matter how psychologically branded it is with false tact and sugar coated profanity.
  3. cherryblossom

    cherryblossom Banned MEMBER

    Feb 28, 2009
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    First, I want to commend you on at least being MAN enough to call my name when speaking to or about me this time.

    Speaking of which, what happened to your thread about the “Enemy Outside/Inside the House?” LOL
    Remember that one? It was about me and how I came in that night while everyone was at Karaoke in Chat and all my posting knocked all the “conscious” threads off the front page and how I needed to be “monitored” for my supposed “subversive” activities. lol I REALLY enjoyed that one and I wondered what happened to it?!

    However, let's take a look at your “Linear” argument in how it denotes the difference between Black people and White people and, most specifically, how that argument leads YOU to the conclusion that I am White. (lol)

    According to your delineations between “structural” and “cultural,” White people are of more “linear” thought processes and Black people are not.

    Okay. I'll use some examples from my life.

    So, when my sister came home one day from a neighborhood store and told our mother that some dirty-old man put his hands on her behind and when my mother walked down the street with her gun in her hand, entered the store, asked my sister which one did it, put the gun in his face and told him he'd betta take a GOOD look at this girl to know whose she was cuz she'd blow his *^&^%%#% brains out if he ever touched HER daughter again..... was THAT “structural” or “cultural?”

    When a White boy in school called me a N*gger, hawked up some phlegm and SPAT on my foot and I beat him like I was trying to kill him, and, for YEARS afterwards, he wouldn't even look me in the eye and would even cross to the other side of the hallway when I passed by was …..THAT “structural” or “cultural?”

    In college at Tennessee State University, when I went to a party and a guy felt/grabbed on my breasts and I (in alla my 5 ft ,4 inches-lol) SLAPPED THE TASTE OUTTA HIS MOUTH and DARED him to hit me back... was that “structural” or “cultural?”

    But, since you wanna talk about “structural” versus “cultural,” here's what your behavior on this board tells me about YOU and how that behavior translates "culturally":

    I. You're really a man with no respect for women. You may talk a good game about “Black Queens” and such; but you really have no respect for women. You don't even like women. You have a low opinion of women and think they are beneath you.

    II. Because of your disrespect for women, you become extremely volatile when you feel challenged by a woman because you're not used to a woman standing up to you. (I have no doubt that at some point in your life you've been physically abusive to Black women.)

    III.Your very behavior towards me tells me that you can't handle it and become EXPLOSIVELY ANGRY when a woman isn't submissive and obsequious to you.

    You think that your profanity debases ME but it really debases YOU.

    You think that calling me names or attacking my character maligns ME.

    You think that your filthy language makes YOU appear more of a man; that you're not afraid to say whatever you want to me; that you are “PROCLAIMING” your manhood by insulting me; and that your foul language puts me in a place/category you think I deserve to be.

    But you can't even see that every time you curse me, it only shows how weak YOU ARE.

    Every time you curse me, you have given me the victory of knowing that my comments and very presence here has pricked you and drew blood.

    In closing, I don't “keep up” with anyone's birthday. All birthdays for every member are listed on the Front Page everyday; and the only reason I knew of your anniversary is because your wife mentioned it in Chat and I and the other ladies wished you both a special day and even made suggestions for its celebration.
  4. Keita Kenyatta

    Keita Kenyatta going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER

    Feb 7, 2004
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  5. Da Street Rebel

    Da Street Rebel Banned MEMBER

    Apr 3, 2009
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    i've heard

    several people suggest that CB was white. if she's not she's sure well trained and/or etc.
  6. Destee

    Destee destee.com STAFF

    United States
    Jan 22, 2001
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    betwixt and between
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    This is a violation.

    You can't make the discussions personal.

    Even if she is white, that is not a violation of our rules, and i don't appreciate our core foundational pieces being attacked this way.

    This thread is closed.


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