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    i haven't forgotten about this one.

    yes; you can select which files you want to save. you can use your existing equipment to transfer the files you want to save to another computer in your home using peer-to-peer networking ("printer and file sharing" according to windows), and your router.

    before enabling file sharing, make sure that that router is not sharing those files with the internet .. or anybody else within range of that wireless router!! at the very least, ports 135, 137, 138 and 139 must not be accessible from the internet. as well, your network must not listen for these ports from the internet.

    the router does have firewalling capabilities built in. you can access that functionality using your web browser.

    i don't know which documentation came with your router. however, there are user guide, quickstart and datasheet pdfs available at linksys's ftp site. to make it easier, they are also available at the user guide has the info about configuring your router there is also a firmware upgrade there that will bring the router up to current-as-of-whenever-we-last-spoke-on-the-issue. (that satellite.html doesn't work .. well, i should say that the links on that document don't work.)

    if i had my druthers, i'd rather that we worked through that together, if necessary. for that matter, there are many concepts in there that would be good general knowledge for anybody that connects to the internet. <smile>

    but maybe you already understand how to configure the firewall/NAT/DHCP functionality of your router, and we can get on to the file sharing? or, heck, maybe this is enough of a pointer that you can go ahead and do the dang thang?

    hope this helps!