Black People : Did Tyler Perry rob this dude of his play rights?

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    I read this article but , I know if it is true. This guy is claiming that Perry stole from him. You should read to see what you think
    Madea aka mother dear is a house hold word in many peoples lives. Madea means different things to different people but no one wants to see their mother dear in jail. Recently , various people in the entertainment community have been whispering that Tyler Perry is a front man and , the same crew is running the show.

    David Whitehead is suing Perry for stealing his play and has proof. This smoking gun has some big names involved and , the drama is only beginning. If you read between the lines, you will notice a well known company that was not black owned and this may explain the selling to a larger shark in the entertainment game.

    Here are some extracts from the court documents.

    I did not give any consent to Mr. Perry or his company to use intellectual properties. Nor did I give Dai Boggan and/or Sandra Davis nor other ofthe cast permission to disseminate the video of my work to Mr. Perry or companies or individuals Hollywood. Many people may not have known Time Warner was majority shareholder in BET during 1995. BET plays a major role in this court case.

    Here more statements in the court documents.

    In 1996, I submitted the play and screenplay “The Big Bad Wolf vs. Ms. Little Riding Mike Tyson Story” to executives Northeast Washington, DC. See true copy of attached exhibit A, copy ofthe contract proposal to stage the play at in Washington, DC, after the submission. Also see true copy of exhibits 1, 3, on access.
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    If he did

    ..this will free us how? Im just saying. That is an issue for TP and this person and the courts. Im not going to spend any more energy on it. LOL