Black Spirituality Religion : Did the Biblical God Cause Adam to Sin? Genesis Revisited

You are right, A007

I have watched Dr. Hagins who I admire grow in knowledge on KMT - however he still leans on the bible a lil too much.

Therefore, many (except me of course) who listen to him and follow his teachings follow the same practice as he still refers to the bible for reference.

It is as though reading and testifying from this "incredible" book is some sort of talisman, charm or good omen.

Those who claim to be "activated" should know better, that's for sure. Sorta like Christians who are so-Called saved and still indulge in the same practices as before -- plain old cognitive dissonance if yah ask me:court:

I HOPE nobody is taking the GENESIS story of creation SERIOUSLY!! There are all kinds of things out of order and IMPOSSIBLE in Why focus on this obvious mistake?
this thread brings up an interesting point....
in the constant struggle between faith and science...
when should one put down science and things that can be determined through logical processes and just give way to faith? i ask this question because internally i struggle with this at times....

one love
Great Question!

Deep Science is the GODDESS and none other since the GODDESS came first -- I can no longer give God the glory nor credit for anything as I know this to be a conspiracy created by the female-hating society of men.:geek: -- since the fact is today all major religions are based upon their lies.

One should know that an intelligent force put all that we know and see as real "together" on this physical realm by exact design, method and pattern. The Greeks were first to separate Science from Spirituality. This act along has created the question you raise.

Deep Science and the GODDESS are one.:court:

What you struggle with is called cognitive dissonance --

Defined as: the tension one experiences when 2 or more thoughts-ideas or actions are in direct conflict with one another.:SuN030:

Once, Khasm13 you put away the European concepts of Spirituality and see the egg for what it is rather than what someone else tells you many things will began to come clear to you.

Hotep, Fine


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