Black Spirituality Religion : Did TB Joshua Predict The Start of WORLD WAR III?

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    A very shocking story cropped up on the internet on Monday that seemed to be an individual’s interpretation of a prophecy delivered by TB Joshua, the African Prophet, on Sunday the 11th of December 2011. This individual interpreted TB Joshua's prophecy to mean the start of a Third world war and the end of all civilization as we know it. And as at the time of posting this, that interpretation article has been viewed well over ten thousand times on Nairaland (a Nigerian on line forum)…Now this could just be one of the thousand and one interpretations this prophecy might have received in the minds of the viewers worldwide, we only got to hear his perhaps because this person chose to share his thoughts on the internet, other’s may have taken to spreading theirs already by word of mouth, sowing many seeds of rumour and presumably for this reason, the SCOAN have already refuted this interpretation on their official fan blog as well as several news outlets.

    The reason we considered this issue worthy of addressing here is because this is precisely how the supposed “failed prophecies” of TB Joshua started off on various sites and blogs on the internet, either the prophecies were given a wrong interpretation or were totally what he never prophesied in the first place. One thing we clearly notice about this individual’s interpretation was its biased nature towards confirming his existing belief in more at: copy link and paste in your browser