Brother AACOOLDRE : Did St. Peter Kill himself


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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

An unknown Christian wrote an apocrypha called The Acts of Peter putting forth an unverifiable claim that Peter volunteered his life in Rome. Unfortunately there are claims that a stone coffin bearing Peter’s name was laid in rest in Israel and not Rome.

The Acts of Peter tells of Peter’s martyrdom from which the Gnostics and others refute. Peter is alleged trying to convert Roman wives to Christianity which upsets many husbands who then lodge complaints to Agrippa. Peter’s execution is ordered. Peter then tries to flee his death like he done at other times. Peter disguised himself and flees Rome through its gates. Then Peter sees god entering Rome. “Lord where are you going?”, Peter asks. The lord replies: “I’am coming to Rome to be crucified“. Peter then makes an about face to go back to Rome and asked to be crucified upside down naked. If true, this stunt would rank high on the charts of insanity. I think its untrue for many reasons:

1. Jesus said it was okay to agree with enemy to avoid prison (Matthew 5:25).
2. Jesus/Angels helped free Peter from jail on a previous occasion (Acts 12:7;11)
3. Jesus advises us to flee a city that persecutes you (Matthew 10:23)
4. Jesus death made all other sacrifices null and void and unnecessary
5. Peter died in Israel where they found his stone coffin
6. Jesus even asked Paul to stop persecuting Christians to the death (Acts 9:5)

Jesus said: (“When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another” Matthew 10:23). This is wise advise that shouldn’t be taken in vain. If Jesus saved Peter’s life once why not keep on doing what your doing. Herod was in fact attempting kill Peter to “Persecute them” (Acts 12:1) Persecute often meant death. Usually a persons habits, advise and ways of doing things sticks with them and stays the same. To say that Jesus told somebody to go to their death isn’t consistent with the previous written record of ordering them to flee from death. Suicide is sin.

What could be the motivation in trying to make false claims that someone died in a city when they were found dead in another? Jockeying for political and spiritual control and one central location for a headquarters of a church that running amuck with an infusion of pagan rites and rituals.


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