Brother AACOOLDRE : Did St Paul switch roles with decius Mundus?


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Jul 26, 2001
Did Paul switch roles with Decius Mundus/Anubis

By Andre Austin

The Decius Mundus story of him masking himself as Anubis as told in Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews Book 18 I believe is a Christmas festival of Saturnalia because the pun name of Saturnius is used. Saturnalia involes the switching of roles between Master/slave etc.

Paul does not switch roles with Decius Mundus until we get to the New Testament when Paul become Anubis like Mundus did. I will support my evidence with comparing the two together. The original story came from Egyptian mythology of Osiris going to bed with Isis sister thinking she was her. Isis then plays and switch the role of Anubis mother even though her sister is.


A. Acts 14: 12-16 Paul is thought of as Hermes (Anubis) but later says he's a human not a God. Decius Mundus reports that he is a man not a God also. After Paul is castrated he becomes another person Paulina who has son "Titus" (Titus 1:4). This is consistent with Paul's declaration that his flesh (penis) is mutilated by a Dog (Anubis) see Phillipans 3:2. This fits well with Anubis being assocated with theft and tearing/mutilating dogs (see Black Athena writes back By Martin Bernal p.152)

The discussion of a pregnancy between Decius Mundus and Paulina was mentioned by Christian author Hegesippus in the 4th century. So what was the miracle was that Isis (Mary) with no one ever lifting up her robe (A virgin) or her barren sister, then to Paul/Paulina a castrate having a child reaching a new level of satire and black comedy.

B. Paul becomes all thing to all men with the inference he must take of other names to save people(1 Cor 9:19-23). Decius Mundus says that he values not the busness of names to trick and win and save people over people. The Egyptian Anubis helps rid demons by telling Judge Thoth (Hermes) not to registar names in the Book of life which is the exact thing Domitian does by knowning your Deeds (Rev 3:15) and having the ability to put names in or out in the "book of life/death" (Rev 20:12-15. Here again we have Domitian playing the role of Anubis of the Egyptian religion. Why not after all Domitian wore Isis robe and Anubis mask.

C. Paul says that he tricks people by craft in the context with saving money (2 Cor 12-16). Decius Mundus is thankful that he was able to save people and trick Paulina into bed with him. Additional comparative evidence of a switch is Joe Atwill in his groundbreaking work Caesar's Messiah p.286points out that Decius Mundus name is associated savior/sacrafice of the Roman World. Anubis role in Egyptian mythology in part after sucessfully embalming and puting together souls holds an ankh, the sign of life being saved in his hands (see The Murder of King Tut by Bob Brier p.183).

D. Eventhough Paul speaks aganist Homosexuality (1Cor 6:9), it appears that it is no sin to have sex with a God (Domitian) on his "divine bed" as a slave he had to obey everything to his Master/Lord (Domitian) see (Titus 2:9). This is the same scene of hospitality trumping sin when Decius Mundus has sex with Paulina with her thinking he was a god. By default this would make the writer of half of the NT a homosexual pleasing Domitian. This is not out in left field when seen in conjunction with the advise to subit to the government to avoid punishment/wraft and for conscience (Romans 13:1-6).

E. Lastly, we can't forget the possible same story of sexual abuse in the Temple between Decius Mundus and Paulina in The Antitiquties of the Jews Book 18 and Rev chapter 3. To sup with a Demon (evil Terrible spirit in an alive corpse of Domitian) as Paul outlines in 1 Corinthians 10:21 must be shown hosptality to avoid and "leave room" for God's (Domitian) wraft who was famous for his bedroom horror and "burn coals" of Domitian head Romans 12:15-21. I recall the famous poet Statius who joke about Domitian's bald head (he wore a wig of wool Rev 1:14) as being a "Volcano's Blast". A coincidence of links of sodomy with hospitality vs rape in the OT (Gen 18:20-21; 19:24-25). "The crime of the Sodomites was not homosexuality or rape but lack of hospitality" (101 Myths of the Bible By Gary Greenberg p.122. I believe there is a link with the call for hospitality in Romans 12:15-21 with the Old testament Sodomite story. If it is true it just further advances Paul advice to slaves (and himself) to submit to their masters in everything. So it may have been homosexuality but not rape because he submited to it. Further more, "Sodom originally signified the Underworld, which were inhabited by the shades of the dead" (101 Myths of the Bible p.128). Anubis was responsible for taking souls there to theUnderworld.
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