Brother AACOOLDRE : Did Luke exaggerate Paul's food distribution


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

The writings of Luke in the book of Acts do not line up with the writings of Paul concerning food for the poor. The extra Biblical writings found in Josephus’s war of the Jews may help you decide between the hype and the truth.

I ran into some writings of the milestone book Caesar’s Messiah p.270-271, by Joe Atwill that’s providing the icing on the cake for my Hypothesis and theories on Paul.

Atwill states:

Josephus narration [In the War of the Jews 7,10,433-435] then moves on and, in a sequence parallel to one in the New testament, introduces a Paul “Paulinus”, at the same point that the New testament introduces its Paul. This Paul, like his counterpart in the NT has an impact on Judaism. Josephus states that he made the Jewish temple entirely inaccessible. I regard the passage describing “Paulinus” as an obvious spoof on the apostle Paul.

“And now Lupus, the governor of Alexandria, upon the receipt of Caesar’s letter, came to the Temple and carried out of it some of the donations dedicated thereto, and shut up the temple itself. And as Lupus died a little afterward, Paulinus succeeded him. This man left none of these donations there, and threatened the priests severely if they did not bring them all out, nor did he permit any who were desirous of worshiping God there, so much as to come near the whole sacred place; when he had shut up the gates…” (see War of the Jews 7, 10, 433-435)

The last half of Paul’s name may be the bases of the fake Catholic second pope named Linus or based on an Egyptian name or song see Herodotus 2:78

Atwill puts the above quote in a box and compares it with:

A. I came to bring donations (Acts 24:17).

B. Paul closed the gates to the temple (Acts 21:28:30).

“The spoof of Paul is interesting in that it rings up the question of when the different pieces of the New Testament were written”.

I’m using Atwill’s works to bring an entirely different swing to the New Testament studies. I’ve already written essays and letters about my theory that James, Jude and whoever wrote the Book of Revelations were very distasteful of Paul because he didn’t share food. This Atwill piece helps me advance the theory even more. I agree with 90% of what Atwill wrote in his two books except the 4 horses being applied to Emperor Domitian. I think the 4 horses are a spoof on Paul especially the 3rd and 4th horses being associate with famine. Luke thinks Paul shared food but Paul said he robbed the churches (2 Cor 11:8).

It is said that Paul helped to kill Stephen (James) who was appointed to look after the distribution of food for the elderly and poor (Acts 6:1-3). This is more accumulation of the Letters of Jude and James attacking Paul for not sharing food.

Luke in the Book of Acts 11:25-30) claims Paul goes on a Famine relief. Robert Eisenman reports: “In describing this second trip, Paul makes it clear it was not for famine relief activities, but rather he went up because of a revelation to lay before them” (James the Brother of Jesus and the dead sea scrolls Volume 1 p.348. This explains why James equate Paul with having Faith but no works when applying it to a supply of clothes and daily food distribution (James 2:14-18).

To me Paul is a fraud and con man. Wearing a big hat with no cattle, a donkey talking out of the side of his mouth. This dude claims he met the sun of God and then proceeds to go, kill and cheat the poor out of their food post Saul? No I’m not buying it.

Read further info on Paul in my new book “The Apostle Paul” you can get from Amazon by typing in my name Andre Austin.

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