Black People : Dick Gregory tells it like it is about 9/11

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    [ame=""]YouTube - Dick Gregory Speaks Truth 1/4[/ame]

    Government conspiracies run deep
    But, for Dick Gregory, who has spent much of his life speaking and writing about the ways in which he believes the government has conspired against Americans – particularly African-Americans – it is more absurd to dismiss the questions still swirling around a tragedy that left nearly 3,000 Americans dead.
    In the 1960s, Gregory, along with Dr. Martin Luther King and several Black leaders, were targets of the federal government’s counterintelligence program (known as Cointelpro), which was designed to repress civil dissent. The 1978 book Gregory authored with investigative writer Mark Lane, “Code Name Zorro: the Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., concluded that James Earl Ray did not act alone in assassinating the civil rights leader and kept up public pressure to reopen the investigation.
    Gregory’s list of conspiracy theories is a long one, including such items as federal agents actually shot Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy; the federal government blew up the levees in New Orleans; the D.C.-area sniper attacks were perpetrated by a White man in a white van, not by the two convicted Black simpletons; and Ron Brown, President Clinton’s Commerce secretary, was killed by a bullet to the head, not in a plane crash as reported. Ghetto intelligence, he says, tells him nobody ever landed on the moon: “Those images of dust rising and falling again when that astronaut steps on the planet could not be accurate because there’s no gravity on the moon, and how could there be all those pictures with shadows when the moon is completely dark?
    The 9/11 ruse
    But perhaps the biggest ruse, says Gregory, is the government’s attempt to cover up what really happened on 9/11.
    “You have to ask yourself some simple questions, like how is it that Morgan Bush, the president’s younger brother, owned the company that was in charge of security for the World Trade Center, yet it has never appeared in The New York Times?” The Times and most other major U.S. papers have CIA agents working as reporters, he says.

    “Out of the 19 hijackers, 11 were taken off plane a half-hour beforehand and let back on the plane….
    “How did we know the terrorists were Arabs … they didn’t find no black boxes,” he continues. “The government said they tracked their cell phone calls. If I called you on your cell from my house, that call doesn’t go from me to you. It goes from a connector then down to you. There is no connector up there, which is why you have to use one of those $7-a-minute phones.”
    “If you look at the large white cloud that resulted from the collapse of the Twin Towers, you’ll notice that people’s faces are covered in white powder, which some have said is asbestos. Asbestos has been outlawed for many years. They used dynamite to blow those buildings up, which turned that concrete into dust like a woman’s face powder…. Then they took all the debris and shipped it to China so you couldn’t examine it.
    “Something is not right, but there are too many scientists involved now, and too many of them are asking serious questions. Little by little the truth is getting out. There is a limit on how much information you can keep bottled up.”
    Gregory says there are many, many more inconsistencies, but some people will never be convinced that the government was involved