Brother AACOOLDRE : Dick Cheney and CIA lies

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    By Andre Austin

    Former CIA director George Tenet is outrage at Vice President for taking his now infamous “Slam Dunk” quote out of context in order to go to war in Iraq. A careful review of Dick Cheney’s past may shed some more light on allegations that he takes things out of context.

    Some pundits in the mainstream press like Chris Matthews Hardball show assert that 9-11 came about due to troops having Bases in Saudi Arabia. If this is true then we might need to blame Vice President Dick Cheney.

    “When Iraqi invaded Kuwait the U.S. government lied to the Saudis that Iraq was planning to invade them too. “ satellite Photographs of the invasion of
    Kuwait were being carefully studied at the national photographic interpretation center (NPIC) in Washington…A large American delegation headed by (Then) Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney jetted to Saudi Arabia and met with King Fahd at the royal palace. The session began with a display of a series of satellite photographs…showing that the Iraqi troops were preparing to advance.

    The satellite photographs were genuine-in part. The Iraqi forces were, in fact, positioned in Kuwait within a two-day march of Saudi Arabia’s oil producing eastern province. However, the NPIC computers had very methodically erased all traces of an equally important actuality: the Iraqi forces were digging in. Every bulldozer, every trench, every fortification, and every latrine in the satellite shots had been effectively removed. The photographs had been edited to show an army that was preparing to move on, not one that had settled into a defensive position.

    There was no confirming proof that the Iraqi forces were planning to invade Saudi Arabia, but the king did not know that. Nor, for that matter did Secretary Cheney. The photographs had been doctored without his knowledge”- The Gold of Exodus By Howard Blum p.387-388. Its hard for me to believe Cheney didn’t know what was going on. Do you believe Dick didn’t know???

    If it wasn’t for this fake evidence Saudi Arabia probably wouldn’t have allowed troops to come to their country. 90% of Bin Landen suicide/homicide thugs of 9-11 came from his home town of Saudi Arabia because troops were in their country.

    Several years later Cheney pressured the CIA and Pentagon to give questionable evidence to Colin Powell to present to the United Nations so we could invade Iraqi. We can’t impeach Bush because Cheney would become president.

    Bin Landen went to war on 9-11 for 3 reasons

    1,US Bases in Saudi Arabia, 2nd ½ million kids dying in Iraq due to UN sanctions, and thirdly Palestinians being treated as slaves and second class citizens . This war isn’t about WMD, values and building a vibrant democracy. The next time we go the war the public should be knowledgeable of all the facts so that we don’t go to war on false pretenses by taking things out of context.