Black People : Destroy This Black Brute?!

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    Some have been commenting on (what can be percieved as) blatant xenophobia and demonizing propaganda on the latest front cover of Vogue Magazine.



    The photographer of this photo has been charged in the past for recreating the theme of past photos into new ones.:

    Annie Leibovitz Called Out for 'Artful Borrowing'
    Last week, a Vanity Fair spokeswoman acknowledged that the May cover shot by Annie Leibovitz was "inspired" by "Ballet Society," a 1948 portrait by Irving Penn.
    By Jay DeFoore
    April 17, 2006

    For years a certain photographer has been calling us up to complain about Annie Leibovitz' penchant for recreating famous photographs and passing them off as original compositions. We usually chalked up the accusations to jealousy, and thought nothing more.

    Now comes new evidence that our original source was right. Women's Wear Daily reported last week on the Vanity Fair photographer's "artful borrowing." WWD reporter Jeff Bercovici wrote that "a spokeswoman for the magazine acknowledged Wednesday that the cover photo of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Al Gore, shot by Annie Leibovitz, was 'inspired' by 'Ballet Society,' a 1948 portrait by Irving Penn of George Balanchine and three collaborators."

    Plato and Aristotle spoke of "The Brute Within" and likened it to most of the propaganda that was subsequently spread through neo-darwinist dogma about, exclusively, blacks but the "cultural other."

    Hendrik Lorenz presents a comprehensive study of Plato's and Aristotle's conceptions of non-rational desire. They see this as something that humans share with animals, and which aims primarily at the pleasures of food, drink, and sex. Lorenz explores the cognitive resources that both
    philosophers make available for the explanation of such desires, and what they take rationality to add to the motivational structure of human beings.

    Are those who are offended being overly sensitive (trapped in their own low self esteem through the subjectivity of imagery) ?

    Or Was Francess Cress right and countless others who have spoke on the subject of a pathological fear and insecurity of The Beast Within (Which translates to Black People)?

    (Invocative imagery) P/S If your not really looking at the details and sort of take a passing glance of it you might see a Brute with a Red sqiggly tail with a black arrow head on the end and big red horns . Do Demons Exist
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    Produce Justice
    Right here!
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    i am a photographer. i am aware of leibovitz work. she is bogus. a phony. always has been.
    she steals other people's ideas because she is just not that good. she has no ideas of her own.

    this is the result of white supremacy in the arts.