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Sep 26, 2002
Glad I got on here and look what I find...
a peace of heavenly poetry from ur soul & mind
I thought this was very creative of u
and I'll be looking for more
God Bless u..
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Sep 10, 2001
Kansas City, Missouri
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Hey my Sista Queen!

Delightful to read you on this rare occassion, how do you do it?
As Shakespear said "To sleep per chance to dream..." ahhhhhhhhhhh thoughts what a beautiful thing! So glad to see you put the pen to the paper and come down from Olympus with us mere mortals...:D LOL, I enjoyed this very much!
Blessings on Ya House! Love ya ta pieces:heart:


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Sep 6, 2002
i sense hesitation yet it is time for ressurection of that which is innate in you ..... i love this read and u destee are a true poet naturally u arrange the words u profess has poweer to change extend, transend to a broader range .... fear not to exchange the simplicity of one thoughts .... this is beautiful


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Mar 21, 2001
don't know where i was when this first hit
i must was sleep yeah dat's it
but awaken to fine a sista black mind
roaming free , saying things we never see
Destee mind sound like mines
never stop just go on and on
one thing i'm not doing
is dreamin about a king
but about a woman Queen
this i can relate to and know da mind
and what it do as we sleep away
it alwayz come out to play

How did i miss this beat
shoot i had to be sleep
destee ya mind is rumbling strong and u know
ain't nothing wrong so sleep on as it speak
so we know what one think

wow .....i had to be sleep to miss this treasure mind thinking loud
if not everyday but just this one time i'm trying to get in ya
head to see what else to be said .....of a woman worrior mind out her head .

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