The Front Porch : Destee's Letter To The Family

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May 6, 2003
Sistah Destee,
Stay strong, we are with you as are the ancestors and THE CREATOR. I will support you and I believe many will join you to keep this family growing. No one can save us but us! We must cultivate the habit of financially supporting the media and our leaders that have our best interests at heart, offer postive and liberating mesages and lifestyles.
The struggle intensifies,
Junious Ricardo Stanton


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile

Did Destee say anything to you about not feeling well or going on vacation? I was hoping to hear from her and even emailed her but I see that she has not replied to this thread since the twelfth. She was replying to everyone at first then she suddenly stopped. Hope everything is okay.

luv ya,


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Mar 21, 2001
hello river.........
destee is fine and will get to this as time permit surely her time frame
has been very busy and all and she have been vacationing she will
address and answer to posts shortly Thank you for asking things is
A- ok worry not .


Watch Her Flow
Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
I'm glad to hear that.


Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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river said:

I really love this sight and appreciate what you have gone through to make it succeed. I hope there is some way I can contribute. I have been dealing with the Commission for the Blind to find a job but right now even ten dollars would have to come out of my food after my bills are paid. I wonder if there is some other way that I can help like some service that you may be paying someone else to do. I have magnification software on my computer that allows me to do awesome graphics design with Macromedia's Fireworks and Paintshop Pro anything you can envision in your minds eye I can reproduce on the web, technical writing like grant proposals, professional bio, whatever is of market value. Or if there is something you need done...poets can be creative, can we not?
Hello Sister River,

I do apologize for taking so long to respond.

Wow. Gosh. Thank You Sister! Such a wonderful offer you've presented and i'm humbled that you think so much of our community, that you'd do what you can to help. I certainly understand the fact that money is not always something we have to give, and that it's not always the most important thing that needs giving.

Unfortunately though, right this minute, it's money that we need to stay alive. That's why we've launched this "Premium Membership" effort. It really is still in the "formation process," still evolving into what God intends for it to be ... 'cause i surely don't know! ... : )

Perhaps we will get enough from those who can give, to keep the opportunity for all of us to continue living here. It's still too early to tell, but i do thank you and will be keeping in mind your very generous offers ... uhhhh ... one thing Sister ... do you babysit? ... i mean ... uuhhh ... i got like 99 chiren and they're gett'n on my nerves and i need a babysitter for like 3 months ... :wink:

Much Love and Peace Sister.

I'll be in touch.




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Mar 9, 2003
wow, i'm heartbroken. I'll give what I can. I don't remember what I gave last time, but I can do it again I'm sure. Can we sell cookies, t-shirts, do live shows....I'll travel or send my message via videotape. This can't happen and if we stand up for anything...this should be one of them. I'm in tears.


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Jul 2, 2003
( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
(RF) Technician
" May 1st is the scheduled effective date, where if you have not purchased a Premium Membership (as outlined above), you will not be able to interact here, only read. We also want to build in a way so that new Members joining us will have a 2 week trial period, full access, so they can see how we live and make an informed decision on joining. Since it's not "formally" being presented at this time, you all have an opportunity to share your views regarding it in this thread. "

Destee you didn't shut anyone out. That is a good thing. Continue to do what you can not to exclude anyone. I'll be supporting you finacially as much and as long as possible. I will find the money. I have some cans to redeem, and I can get my membership in three trips to the recycle center. lol

Seriously you have granted us a outlet and many a place to express their concerns and thoughts. To me this is a depository of my writings I hope to tie ( form ) in a book. This is a place where my post and thoughts will be later recalled and can be used to lead me farther into what I feel I want to share with the world. So many things are out of balance in the world. Those things are simple and complex. But when I feel them or hear about them. So many in number. I often get inspired and write them here.

This year your members will be challenged to bring the literary world to the forum by publishing our first book. I see it advertised and promoted here. With a link. With the name Destee somewhere on the cover ( an idea ) , in the book and all the love we have for the forum inside.

I would like to get your comments on this and I would like to formally ask that you support this by writing for us several about the book and about the poets introductions. Of course in the book your views of the poetry world, and the journey you took to bring us together has to be included.

The royalties from the book being evenly divided among the authors. I have suggested you recieve a percentage for administration and to help off set any financial pressure you still experience. That too will keep the forum free for those who wish to be a part of the black experience here. It would also help the youth who can't afford to follow their hearts in support at this time. I believe the book will be so successful that all of us may not have to renew in a year or so. The royalties afforded you could be that offset. See Destee only one name can be placed on the issuing of the royaltie payment. I believe someone has to be desinated. I trust that person to be you, but it will be debated among the participants ( authors ) .

We love you Destee keep the forum going, and desinate a process ( trustee) to keep it going long after you and I leave this wonderful world.

Visitors. Members. Please continue to support Destee. Please sign up on the list to be included in the book. ( We have set a dead line - about April 15 - same as the tax time due date - but that is abitrary and depends on the wishes of the participants ( authors ) ) There will be other books after this, but the first is very special. :rain:


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Jul 26, 2004
All I have to say is if the Lord blesses me so that I can give I will. I understand when a person has a dream it takes hard work to make it a reality and sometimes that hard work includes financial backing as well. So I support you in keeping this community alive. It has been a great outlet for me and I feel like a part of the family when I am here. We will pray together sister Destee.

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