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Jun 14, 2018
Speaking of training, that seems to be big bucks these days!

It could be a great career for those who love animals, are patient, and want to have their own business.

Just an FYI for anyone reading and enterprising enough to pull it off.

One could probably teach themselves this craft, with a few good dogs / animals.


As you've noted yourself Destee the harder piece of the team to train is the one holding the leash.
I've gladly trained a few dogs in the local area to happily doing general OB for free. It usually takes a matter of about three hours give or take if the dog hasn't been too screwed up only to see the same actions and reactions from the owners towards the dog a few days after. Dealing with people is too frustrating for me!

Big little secret about dog training for those thinking about it I'll pass along though.
When an owner passes the leash to you the dog doesn't know what to expect from that strange person on the other end and so is much more attentive and usually more biddable because you are essentially teaching the dog a different language from what he's known even though he's doing the same steps but now with different outcomes and learns very quickly that this 'new' language is at least fair and quite fun.
Eh eh eh, now then as for the owner?
You need a degree in psychology and endless patience for that kind of work.

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Oct 1, 2017
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Watch dog fails.

Well hello there, welcome to my owners humble home. Just take what catches your fancy, I'll be over here sleeping.





Lock the door on your way out please and do come again.


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Jun 14, 2018
It is of note that none of the vids included any of the guardian breeds other than the Bernese, a breed by the way whose temperament has been bred almost entirely away by the AKC. The Bernese known in todays world can be liken to that of the goofy Golden Retriever so beloved by seemingly everybody, another fine breed, that oh by the way, the AKC completely f'ked up along with any other breed they could get their paws on.
Even within the guardian working group though if the dog is expected to do (what I call) 'man work' an unbreakable temperament and steel nerves along with a level head (sanity) need to be searched for in the individual dog. Not all guardian dogs have that capacity but looking at those groups will give you the best shot at finding the one or two that have the qualities for that kind of highly stressful work. IF that is what your looking for, THEN unless you've got some experience yourself on properly bringing along and controlling a dog of that nature be prepare to pay someone (plenty) to help you train that dog and spend a good deal of any given day towards working one on one with the dog aiming towards building a trust and forming as a bonded wedded team. Otherwise you'll either break (ruin) the dog or the dog will break you. Honestly, be careful what you wish for.
That's all just IMHO of course.

I'll add kind of a funny dog story relative to the protector theme.
I have a friend whose family adopted as a family guardian a past his working life Chesapeake Retriever. And he was indeed a ferocious guardian of that there was no doubt he wasn't going to be taken on lightly by anyone.....unless the intruder happen to be carrying a gun. LOL!
Then the dog became your best friend in the world. Oh boy let's go hunting!!!!!!!!
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