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Jun 25, 2006
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my deepest sympathy brother keita i am so sorry to hear of your loss! Queen was allways very nice to me. I am happy to have known her while she was in the physical form. Much love


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Feb 17, 2010
I have had some reservations posting this, but have decided it's best to give back to this community in the same manner which has been given to me--spiritually.

I am a bit new to the forum and came here primarily for discourse involving the Metu Neter and other traditional African religions.

Many times I have seen on the opening page, the YouTube image of Destee in her tribute to QueenTswana. I never clicked on it because out of ignorance, I didn't know what it was, and didn't feel it was my business.

Not long ago, I read some comments somewhere that indicated QueenTswana had transitioned beyond this existence, and had passed over. Only then did I realize that the YouTube depiction was a tribute to the Queen following her passing.

Given that I am white, and that I am here simply by the grace of members who allowed me to express ideas and sentiment, I have agonized over my presence here. If only because, I see just from my limited exposure, how much is endured on a daily basis by your people. And sometimes I said to myself, Penny...can't these people just have ONE thing to themselves for once, given all that has been stolen from them, why must you intrude?

And so though I worried about bothering folk, I could not help but seek out the intelligent, oftentimes profound discussion about spiritual and other matters that Destee provided, and I kept coming back for more.

Once, during one of those moments of agonizing over this seemingly small injustice on my part, I was drawn to the QueenTswana tribute after reading her beautiful poem "Strong African Queen" and in my mind, I spoke to her. And I expressed a sentiment that my heart be known, and that Queen Mother that she is, I asked that it be searched and I opened up to her my spirit, that somehow the intrusion be understood, for I cannot help that I am white. I love black people because they are a people full of love. And in that moment, she was a protective grandmother over her Destee family. And essentially, she said to may pass, but I'm watching you!

At that moment I was sitting in a sofachair in my apartment, having just accessed Destee on my phone. And right after this profound moment wherein I believed I had communed through my heart with the grandmother of this family I come to visit, I pulled my hand (with my phone in it) away from the arm of the chair, and there was a HUGE brown and black spider there, not one inch from where my hand had been.

For me, this was nature itself speaking for the dead. For me, it was the goddess Neith come to relay the message by way of the Queen and the spider that just sat and stared at me.

And the message was this.....if you saw a spider in your house, would you remove it? This is how you are to members of Destee, some would perceive a threat and squash you. Others more merciful would catch and release to a place more proper--outside, and still others would see that you are not going to bite or poison like most of your kind, and in recognizing this will allow you to stay and be in harmony, to build, edify, and love.

It sounds odd, I know. And in her tribute, when Destee revealed that QueenTswana and another very special friend shared the same exact birthday, I was floored. Because my mother and I do too, the same exact day. And you guys don't know me, but this is synchronistic in numerous ways.

And so, I just wanted to share what I thought to be a living message from the lovely Queen, she is one warm soul whose love cannot be contained, not even by vastness of the universe, it burgeons and flows over so much so, I got a touch of it, as insignificant as I am.

Much Love and Peace to Her Fam,

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