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Nov 16, 2011
This is so very beautiful. You're a talented orator and your speech writing is something to emulate!

You made perfect sense. There are other places to tear down one another. Why are we tearing one another down in an arena of love?

I know that family criticizes. But how many of us actually enjoy the criticisms of family members? And what's more--don't we all love being respected and regarded as the progenitors of greatness as we ought be?

A few months back, I had stopped children on the streets asking them "Where is your source of positive affirmations?" Naturally, the wording was advanced in light of the educational curriculum. But I asked more simply, "To what can you look for positive examples of Black people?" These children knew of nothing. Other young children were told to avoid the internet entirely. This is the reality of our people straight from their mouths.

But you, Sister Destee, by ancestral will, allow for positive affirmations to be plentiful on the internet, such that children ought know that there is a refuge for positive growth and encouragement.

As such, we all should adopt the core foundation of this website. It's a noble pursuit for our race to learn love. And it's more noble if each of us make an effort to fulfill the sites agenda: being that refuge for where we can "remove our armor."

We ought all help in the enforcement of this policy. It may take a lot of self-discipline, but it's a worthy discipline.

Thank you for sharing, thank you for providing and I thank the ancestors for you!

Thanks Sister Destee.

Jan 22, 2001
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awwwwww ... :blush: ... Thank You Brother ABSiblings! ... :love:

very encouraging words to me ... Thank You!

Love You!



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