Black People : Destee... i know im askin all these ???? but

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    On the concept of support...
    I would also like to know your vision of in the future..
    I know that this was your dream.. to form this community..
    but where would you like to see it go?
    You have achieved the dream of creating the site..
    but Id really like to know how far you would like to take the site/community..
    are we going towards something like a private club... establish a non profit group... have scholarships for the students on the site...
    have our own legal advice person... establishing publishing for our poets.. have meet n greets.. possibly have our poets go on tour:great: .
    If you paint the picture destee... im sure that many of us would love to help you paint by numbers (smile! :hearts1: )
    It would be great if youd put somewhere on the site.. how you developed the site.. talked about your dream,.. your vision for the future...
    everyone loves to be apart of something bigger than them..
    and to many this is it...