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Would you attend the Destee Family Reunion?

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Jan 22, 2001
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lilpea said:
Destee; a few of us were discussing the reuion and i suggested maybe the African village in S. Carolina. Maybe that is a trip that we all can make. I'm going to call them in the morning and get the prices of rooms and meals for maybe 25 of us.....i hope more of us will be able to go.
Brother LilPea ... like Sister Spicy said, it's soooo nice to see you posting on the forum! :)

I think the above is a wonderful idea, and want you all to go forward with it. Please don't let my participation, or lack thereof, stop the effort. It's so important that you all do whatever you wanna do, and don't wait for me. That's real important, as it is evidence that the community lives without me! I want it to live and grow without me. This isn't to suggest i won't come, or take part, just that i can't be the motivating factor, or facilitator.

Brother Omowale asked me about the Family Reunion and my lack of participation after initially creating this thread, and this was my response to him:

Destee said:
In regard to the Destee Family Reunion, i apologize for starting that and not following through. I had the best of intentions and was very excited in the beginning, but things started happening soon after i posted that thread. Things that made me feel like it wasn't time for it. I went back and forth inside myself, and just didn't want to rain on the parade, so i quietly opted out. I should have said something, but i didn't. I figured that if folk wanted to meet each other, they don't need me there for that. So i just let you all go on planning and stuff, even without me. It could still have been good, a few meeting here and there, or however yall wanted, without my presence. So no, you're right, i did not commit myself.
I really can't say this enough, please everyone, do what you want, without me, and i'll probably sneak in at some point, get caught up, and become involved. I just have so many things going on, stretched kinda thin, but i'm here, and with you in Spirit. Whatever you all decide to do, is fine with me.

Thanks Brother LilPea for putting this back on the table.

Much Love and Peace.



Thanks to Brother LilPea ... this thread has been closed and a new one started ... right here! :love:

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