Violaters / Violations : Destee Community Justice System Council - Do We Need a New Name?!

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
oh my gosh !!!! ... :eeek:

that's hard to say and remember and long and ... well ... i think ... :math: .... kood come up with sump'n moe betta and different ... i'm jes say'n ... gosh ... okay .. i aint in this ... but ... well ... maybe we should wait until we actually get to a point where we see what exactly this will do ... and maybe name it more appropriately ... iono ... i'm jes talk'n ... don't mind me ... :swings:

i just think everything is open right now ... and ... well ... neva mine ... :nails:

Love Yall!


How about Destee's chiken'n waffles while you wait?


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