Black People : Needs Your Financial Help to Stay Alive and Grow

:lol: ... :love: ... :blush: ... you're a sweet heart ... see'n past 2 outta 3 is an absolute win ... :score: ... :cheerleader:

you better stop ... rite now ... i dun already told you ... don't make me break a rule ... :love: ... :dblock:

Much Much Love and Peace.



On bended knee I'm begging you please, please break that rule!!! ;) I'm out, reluctantly, I know you have much work to do. :cool:
Destee, it goes without saying how much this site means to me. I found it when my world was a little dark and I was doubting
where and if I wanted to do anything but sit in a dark room. Death had visited my home, and tho' I knew that my faith would
sustain me, I was wavering.
Then I was introduced to With the knowledge and support I gleaned from the members
here...(tho' they didn't know it)... my strength grew, along with my confidence that I could, and would be ME again.

The lest I could do was to become a Premium Member, the color green has always looked good on me.

Thanks for the recognition, its appreciated. But the work you do and the knowledge that is here for all to give and receive is
priceless. You can't pay for it. There are Forums and threads within those forums, that no one would have the time or money to attain the information given.

So, Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here when I really needed you and this site. (would have love to use some
Emoticons... didn't find them)... now my work begins to familiarize myself with the changes!!!

Love you much!!!!


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Sis Cherryblossom,
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