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Dec 15, 2002
Detroit, MI
We all know that our salaries (with bonuses), bank savings, retirement funds (pensions and 401ks), and social security payments will NOT be enough for most of us to live off of comfortably after our working years are over. Hence, we must find a way to supplement these sources of income. The solution, IMO, is investing in the stock market.

Before investing our hard-earned money into the stock market, we must first learn about personal finance, i.e., personal budgeting, banking services, etc. We also must identify what type of investor we will be by determining how much risk we are willing to take (or, in other words, how much money we are willing to lose). The answers to these question will help us to:

  • diversify our portfolio,
  • select company stocks for our portfolio by evaluating the company, and
  • how to manage our portfolios.
Once the initial portfolio is created, we, then, must learn how to choose new stocks to replace under-performing stocks in our portfolio.

We can learn how to do all of this in an investment club. Therefore, the purpose of the club will be multi-faceted.

The main purpose of the investment club is to learn about personal finance and investing only. We will NOT invest in the stock market with "real" money. If you would like to do that, you can do that on your own after consulting a financial adviser. However, you can practice investing in a stock market investment game, with fake money. The online investment game will help you to master your investment strategy and compete with others in the club before you use that strategy on your own with your own money.

So, if you are interested in sharing your investment knowledge and/or learning about investing in the stock market or if you would only like to participate in the online investment game, let us know in this thread.

I suggest creating the online fake investment game on If you have suggestions for the fake investment game, post it in this thread.

All thoughts, suggestions, and comments are welcome Fam.

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Dec 15, 2002
Detroit, MI
To get some people started on understanding the basics of investing, check out the Stock Basics tutorial on I think this site does a great job explaining how to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, and FOREX (foreign exchange) currencies.

If you know of any other sites which provide great investing explanations for investing beginners, please do share.
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Dec 15, 2002
Detroit, MI
Take the Financial Self-Assessment Quiz below to learn your risk tolerance. Then, review the model portfolio that corresponds to your score. Each model portfolio suggests investing in certain percentages of different asset classes.

Once you review these asset class percentages, you can choose from the specific investment options offered within each asset class.

Self-Assessment Quiz

For each question below, place a 2, 3, 4, or 5 as its individual score. When you have answered all 10 questions, add up the score for all 10 questions to determine your overall or total score. The total score will help determine your risk tolerance when you compare it to the score ranges below.

SCORING: 5 = Strongly Agree 4 = Agree 3 = Disagree 2 = Strongly Disagree

Financial Goals Section

1. Investments: I do not need a high level of current income from my investments. I’m more interested in their long-term growth potential.

Your Score ___________

2. Large expenses: I have set aside savings to cover large expenses like purchasing a home, college tuition or a financial emergency.

Your Score ___________

3. Inflation: I am concerned about the effects of inflation on my investments.

Your Score ___________

Risk Tolerance Section

4. Volatility: I can tolerate sharp ups and downs in the short-term value of my investments in return for potential long-term gains.

Your Score ___________

5. Risk vs. reward: Hypothetically, I prefer an investment that has a 50 percent chance of losing five percent and a 50 percent chance of gaining 20 percent in one year, rather than an investment that will assure a five percent return in one year.

Your Score ___________

6. Decline in value: I am comfortable holding on to an investment even though it drops sharply in value.

Your Score ___________

7. Equity investing: I am willing to take the risks associated with stocks in order to earn a potential return greater than the rate of inflation.

Your Score ___________

8. Knowledge of risk: I consider myself knowledgeable about the risks and potential returns associated with investing in stocks and other types of securities

Your Score ___________

Time Horizon

9. Your personal time line: In how many years do you plan to utilize the results of your investment strategy?

5 = More than 15 4 = More then 10 3 = More than 5 2 = Less than 5

Your Score ___________

10. Long-term investing: I am comfortable with an investment that may take 10 years to provide the returns I expect.

SCORING: 5 = Strongly Agree 4 = Agree 3 = Disagree 2 = Strongly Disagree

Your Score ___________

Add all scores for each question together to get your Total Score ________.

Now, find your score range for your Total Score. The score range will identify your risk tolerance as well as what type of investor you happen to be. For example, if your total score is 40, then your score range is 39 - 44 and you are a Moderately Aggressive Investor. The lower your score is the more conservative you are as an investor (low risk for small gains). The higher your score is the riskier you are as an investor (large risks for large gains).


45-50 Aggressive Investor

39-44 Moderately Aggressive Investor

33-38 Moderate Investor

27-32 Moderately Conservative Investor

20-26 Conservative Investor

Total Score____________

Below are my answers to the Self-Assessment Quiz.

1. 5
2. 4
3. 5
4. 5
5. 5
6. 5
7. 5
8. 5
9. 5
10. 5

Total Score = 49

My score is in the 45-50 score range. Therefore, I am an AGGRESSIVE INVESTOR type.


See below for the type of portfolio I would create as an Aggressive Investor.

Portfolio Mix 2.jpg

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