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    Dear goddess isis,

    We have another show scheduled for Sunday at 8pm. Last week due to technical problems, the solutions show (pertaining to Black men & violence) was shortened. So we are going to do it....again, well because you guys asked for it! Afronerd Radio and the blog are extensions of a think tank of sorts and we implore our readers to stop by with their thoughts/ideas even if they are different than our own. Remember, it's tomorrow at 8pm-the call- in number is 646-915-9620 and you can also reach us via IM/email([email protected]) or the chat room feature at afronerdradio dot com. AGAIN PLEASE CALL IN WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS....SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE....CASE IN POINT-READ THE STORY BELOW...we're in trouble folks! Get all the juicy details about it by clicking the following link:

    dburt aka Afronerd


    Beloved QG Destee::SuN030:

    I sent you the CODE from Brother Afronerd last week on how to gain access to the show, should you decide to air his show on Destee tonight on Chat.

    This is truly a must needed topic we all need to address. Brothers and sisters souls are crying out from their Graves within, and we must answer the call, by participating in the discussion with the solutions we know that will advance us up out of the Grave mentality this madness keeps our people in.

    There is Truth in the saying, my Brother Blood cries out from the Grave. Our brothers and sisters blood cries out from the mental Grave, and when we do nothing to help them out of their Grave mentality, do we have their blood on our hands? We are all interconnected.

    Everything I share with our people I must cut the first slice for myself before dishing it out.

    Is our hands/minds clean enough to go help others clean theirs?

    I Am still learning:baby: striving to keep my own hands/mind clean so that I can help free others whose hand/mind that is yet to be cleansed.

    If it is feasible for Destee, lets join this brother in this vital and essential discussion. After all, this life is NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE, and it is ALL of our black lives which is in GRAVE jeopardy.

    If we do not save us, who will? Please lets not wait the last minute to access the show.


    Order :SuN030: