Black People : Desperate and Insecure, Whites see country slipping away


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Nov 14, 2007
( - When a virtually unknown Republican Congressman, Joe Wilson from South Carolina shouted the words “You lie!” during a September 9 speech by Pres. Barack Obama, it was the latest example of the uncivil tone and rancorous atmosphere created by many of the president's opponents on the right.

In recent weeks, town hall meetings have descended into shouting matches, right wing radio and television commentators have become increasingly vituperative in their criticism, and spasmodic outbursts of rage are becoming commonplace.

Calling Rep. Wilson's blunder “an appalling lack of civility in an institution that actually prides itself on civility,” Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, president and founder of the Washington D.C.—based Global Policy Solutions, said some Whites may be experiencing anxiety as the political and social landscape of America changes rapidly.

“What is interesting here is that for decades, there was a stereotype of the angry Black male and now we are seeing something that looks like the rise of the angry White male,” the respected policy analyst and author told The Final Call. “If one were to psychoanalyze this situation it may be that in Barack Obama, you see the president of the United States symbolizing for them an end of an era, and that is an era where they were actually able to limit competition for prestigious positions, posts and opportunities just to other White men,” Dr. Rockeymoore Cummings added.

Anti-racism activist and author Tim Wise agreed, saying the severe economic downturn, a Black president, demographic shifts and a change in pop culture have been “jarring” to the collective White psyche causing widespread anger, fear and insecurity and an identity crisis among those who have enjoyed a privileged existence in America.

Putney Swope

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Jun 27, 2009
racial strife and tension

is in the Illuminati's best interest.

Borthers in the service go to Germany nowadays and say they want to go back or stay longer,
but just 60 years ago they would have the flesh torn off thier bones just for walking down the street.

Mind control is something else!

The parts of the puzzle are falling into place,

But folks like the NOI, and most Kemetic shrines are not worried nor concerned about this since they have been preparing as Garvey had told all of us to do, for a very, very long time, and when we start buying groceries from our own stores and buy and sell gas, electric, telephone and cable utilities from each other,
we wont be too concerned either


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Sep 11, 2009

stop getting jobs start making jobs stop being scared college is a ripoff for most black people. information is free. library.


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Feb 26, 2008
Metro ATL
Don't Ask
And you will have a hard time 'making jobs' if you cannot navigate the system. That's difficult, not impossible, but difficult with out education.

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