Black Poetry : Desire stats in a dryer habitat now too wet to get attention // Grow knowledge and go to college


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May 11, 2006
Got these statistics
and MC’S kiss it
got a strong feeling //
While home healing
from last night wanna bone //
Which is puppy chow
not a yuppie oh wow, somehow //
Girls desire to flirt
but this require work
even an umpire // Is alert
enough to call this game
in the hall of fame in dire //
Need of skill,
feed the ill
I believe this apparatus
will achieve // the status
this fail to create love
need female cake from the club //
Desire stats
in a dryer habitat
now too wet to get attention //
Grow knowledge
and go to college
don’t flow garbage
at conventions //
Phenomenon ballistics
and common characteristics
not to mention //
Blood types
and club hypes,
gonna get some love tonight
for real //
In the city staying
with witty sayings
wearing a FUBU fitty laying
low to deal //
With society
and reveal a variety
of faults, just modern day wisdom //
That play the rhythm
of failure
in a system paraphernalia
and cataclysm //
My rhymes are settled
like designs on metal
carve your name
and get // Large fame,
busy from time to time
drink fizzy wine
but no threat //
Of drunkenness
the funk suggest
it’s more to come
so pour the rum //
Now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH no score for the dumb //
Now PLATO was hell-a-dope
and like radio telescope
he saw things //
You an animal at best
if see love as a mechanical process
and clings //
To girls, a transfer of text
then occur the sex
the love words are magnetic //
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May 11, 2006
the love words are magnetic //
Turning wrong curves are pathetic
Saw a chick
thoughts got raw quick
naw being slick
is not the way to go, “SO LOOK boo
I’m shook over you
a lot need a girlfriend
to make my world spin
like a whirlwind
While you move your thing round and round
while I'm downtown
Romance galore
while on the dance floor
a chance to restore
A love affair, went for cake
but plans bent out of shape
More often than not
it soften a spot
in my heart girl I need your body
Boo you have smooth cake
I wanna move by the weight
of a party tongue
not a smarty just sprung,
you flirting affection
in a certain direction
my curtains is a collection
of soft cotton fabrics working on queen size beds
that’s between the spreads
and quilts
My plans built
On BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH look around wow get a kiss
Accord in a desire for peace
this require a feast
and celebration brisk
“NAW PLAYER your plot is try and get lace
and occupy a space
In the bed, i got class with booty
and it’s your task and duty
to try win my love skip the static
and come diplomatic my lips red at home
And boys do a headlong
rush toward them but i duck and roam
To the club and my panties be hot so I'm a hot queen
but not be seen,
only a kiss
can strongly twist
this love affair and stop me you wear raw bling
and can probably draw and sing
as the sex law ring out
my thing shout
with wetness
and boys try get this
Next day but i run away
they wanna have fun and play
with the fat lips On my thing,


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