Black Poetry : Depletion of My Sphere *sequel 2 Sphere of My Being*


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Mar 21, 2001
African Dance Instructor/Cultural Educator
**My sphere consists of 4 dimensions:
1) Mental, 2) Emotional, 3) Spiritual and
4) Physical which is parallel to Mind, Body and Soul...

Something woke me at...5:30am
sharp pains cut like a knife ruptures,
causing volcanic explosures in
the tomb of my womb

Spilling over into my
system of living,
Pain so...unforgiving
Hot like molten rock
heart beating like a clock,
"tic...toc, tic...toc"

Mind racing...chasing
unfulfilled dreams of...
what shoulda, coulda, woulda
Dance, travel, love, family

Experience life to the fullest...
this death is worse than
catching 41 the head...
I'd chose that way instead
Immediate death w/only ONE life lost
Long and drawn out
Now I'm paying the cost

Didn't listen when spirit said,
"Your body is the temple"
fell weak when he kissed me
from my lips to my navel

Didn't listen when spirit said,
"This man ain't the one"
closed my eyes, guided his hips said,
"please just make me cummm!"

As he entered my fourth dimension
spirit of third disrupted his intention...
Dayum...he didn't listen! But to first neither did I pay attention.

In second dimension I was so caught up,
didn't think I could give his 2mins up

Aura of my being
I knew it was wrong
Ruined God's plan for me
Knew it all along

Now I'm dying
as life dies internally,
crying hysterically cause
I didn't stand my ground
allowed this clown to
Invade My Sphere, now it's all clear

Lord, take me to complete
Depletion of My
your 5th dimension...

(c) 2000 all rights reserved

I just want to say that God is sooo gooood! He saved me at a time when I thought I couldn't be saved. This was
a very difficult time in my life (Sept/Oct 2000) when I experienced a life threatening pregnancy (ectopic) for a
man who didn't give two shyts (Sphere of My Being and Jamaican Romance). My testimony...I went b4 the Lord
naked, humble and sincere, laid hands on my stomach and prayed until I felt his presence. I never returned to
the hospital after this morning of events and even though I lost the baby He healed me...saved me. I'm so
grateful that my God loves me (I'll never know why he loves me). But, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt from
whence cometh my help.

sorry 4 rambling on...but I felt like sharing
May God add a blessing to the reasding and the hearing of this wrod

I canot express how this touched me
words seem useless
but I wanted you to know
he loves you for the same reason he loves all of us
"A saint is just a sinner ....who fell down and got up"
we are all his children
his love is unconditional and everlasting
if nothing else I know this to be true

inspired :)


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